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The History of Email

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In 1971, computer engineer Ray Tomlinson sent the first-ever electronic mail message, not knowing that this invention would become a staple in the lives of millions of Americans. Email celebrates its 44th anniversary this year, so to celebrate, Reachmail created this infographic of the history of email that showcases its highlights and major milestones. Today, millions of Americans access their email on a mobile device; in 2012, that number was 90 million, and 64% reported that they do so daily. To make sorting easier, Google introduced Gmail tabs in 2013; however, as email has gotten smarter, so have hackers, as evidenced in the hacking of Sony Entertainment in 2014. What will happen in the next 44 years? It’s impossible to predict- but we’re all along for the ride.


Source: Reachmail

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In 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama compiled a database of over 13 million email addresses. Tweet this.

A 2011 study found that the most easily broken email password is “password.” Tweet this.

In 2012, 90 million Americans reported accessing email on a mobile device. Tweet this.

In 1997, Microsoft bought Hotmail for $400 million and released Microsoft Outlook. Tweet this.

64% of Americans reported accessing email on a mobile device daily in 2012. Tweet this.

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