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5 Spooktacular Halloween Emails from 2015

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Halloween was on a Saturday this year, giving people the freedom to let loose while enjoying all the frights of the season. We hope you had a great time over the weekend, whether it was taking the kids out trick-or-treating or bobbing for apples with your friends, or even BOOsting (See what I did there?) your sales with a great Halloween marketing campaign! Every year consumers take time out their busy schedules to plan for one more celebration before the busy holiday season, and email is your best chance of winning a customer, with an ROI of 2850% according to the Direct Marketing Association

From purchasing candy to shopping for the best costume, hundreds of millions of shoppers spend money for Halloween. The National Retail Federation predicated that this year Americans celebrating Halloween would spend $74.34 on average in preparation for the holiday.

We took a sampling of some of the Halloween emails we received from merchants that we thought were too spook-tacular not to share. As with any shopping holiday, you want to ensure that your email marketing efforts are generating a high ROI for your business. The following emails are good examples of how to amplify your email marketing for Halloween.

5 Spooktacular Halloween Emails


We swoon for Modcloth’s marketing every time, they are a great brand who knows their audience and aesthetic so well. This email may have even prompted some of us here to make a purchase…We like this email because unlike 90% of the emails sitting in my inbox that I received in the days leading up to Halloween this email wasn’t boring black and orange. The colours they used stayed true to the season in a simple and original way. The email has a clear call to action with a strong sense of urgency. This was sent in the optimal time period right before Halloween right when people are starting to panic about getting their costumes ready. Mod cloth also uped the ante by offering free shipping on orders over $150, which is a pretty average order value for their items.

modcloth halloween


This email from omnichannel retailer Bluenotes is a great content piece that makes shopping really easy for a subscriber. Clicking on any of the costume suggestions brings shoppers to a landing page that allows you to easily purchase all the items included as part of that costume. This is amazing user experience, and a great example of how simple modifications to how user experiences your marketing and online store can help increase sales. Bluenotes used the simple theme of Halloween to help inspire customers while promoting their products.

bluenotes halloween


Ardene’s Halloween email is another example of how merchants can use a holiday to promote their products. This content piece points to their blog for various Halloween ideas from costumes to playlists and baking ideas. BOGO (or by-one-get-one) promotions are a great way to drive traffic to your site. Incentivising purchases that a related to the holiday at hand is a great way to drive traffic to your store, and offer your loyal subscribers something special.

ardene halloween

Urban Outfitters

This email from Urban Outfitter really hooked us in. It felt Halloween-y but advertised products of theirs that you wouldn’t typically associate with the holiday. The email feels like you’re browsing a really cool Instagram account, and it made us REALLY want to purchase a Polaroid camera. This is a prime example of a merchant using the theme of Halloween to sell and promote their products. Urban Outfitters has used their youthful product line to set the stage for a Halloween party we all want ours to be like, and it’s achievable – by shopping their site!

urbanoutfitters email


This email from Blo is a fine example of making your email marketing part of the bigger picture. Sure, it’s a Hallowen email but it’s promoting their unique service offering that you can use for the holiday. Maybe once a subscriber sees this email they’ll get their hair-did for Halloween night and love it so much they’ll keep coming back for me. This one is also a great educational message that’s timely and may end up resulting in an up-sell. Most Blo subscribers know that it’s a blow dry bar, however, they’re taking Halloween as an opportunity to promote that some locations also do makeup.

blo halloween

How Successful Were Your Campaigns this Halloween?

Remember email marketing has an ROI of 2850%! Always make the most of your marketing efforts, especially with regard to holiday campaigns. How did you Halloween marketing go? Now that Halloween is over do you feel confident that your campaigns and creative are ready for the 2015 holiday season? Many consumers head online for inspiration, be the merchant that they look to when it comes time to make a purchase.

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