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[Guest Post] 5 Reasons Your Customer Experience Sucks

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Are you finding your customers just aren’t happy? Seeing bad reviews on Facebook or some nasty tweets on the Twitterverse? Not sure why? Well it might be due to poor customer experience…. below are 5 reasons why your customer experience might suck:

1. Help Doesn’t Seem Right Around the Corner

On every single page of your site, there should be a way to get help. Help should always be a scroll or click away. If something is wrong and/or unclear (which occurs at some level on all websites), then it should be easy for customers to speak to someone about it. If you do not give customers a medium to vent, you can expect some terrible reviews and some really bad tweets about your products and services. Making it easy for customers to reach your support team is the most effective way to reduce public customer complaints.

2. You Don’t Acknowledge When Your Customers Do Something Awesome

When a customer tweets about your product, send them a discount publicly. Make it clear to the world that compliments are not just acceptable – they are rewarded. Most customers believe that they are more likely to get discounts & incentives if they publicly post a negative customer experience versus a good experience. We need to change that.

3. You Ask For Customer Feedback Way Too Early

I’ve been on websites that pop-up and ask for a feedback about the experience on your first visit. Are you kidding me? That’s like meeting someone for the first time and the first sentence they say to you is:


You know what you do when that happens? You run away…fast.

4. You Ask For Customer Feedback Way Too Often

Not only do you ask for customer feedback way too often, but it’s systematic and without any context. Dell does this. Yeah that’s right – I’m going to call them out. We buy most of our computers from them and their support experience mostly sucks (see #1). I almost hate contacting their support because I can expect 100 emails after the call saying:


If you don’t respond, they promptly send a message saying:


Then they proceed to send more follow-up emails asking if they have made you mad and if you are breaking up with them.

5. You Don’t Consider W.T.A.M. Enough

In everything you do, think “would this annoy me?” (WTAM). If so, there’s a pretty darn good chance it’s going to annoy your customers a lot more. It seems obvious, but some people will develop things under the assumption that their customers are different; their users will look past customer experience flaws. You always need to be objectively trying your products & services and asking if this would annoy you. If usability is a bit bad for you, you can almost guarantee it will be really bad for your customers & users.


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