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Growing Your Subscriber List – Start With This Simple Strategy

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Design & User Experience, From Our CEO

How do I grow my subscriber base!?!?

This is definitely a more popular question amongst those new to eCommerce. I’m going to suggest a really crazy, off the wall strategy for solving your paltry subscriber count problem.

Ask your visitors to subscribe!

Crazy right?  It’s shocking how many sites simply don’t ask.

Sure, they have a spot for you to sign-up on their site, but it seems to always be in some weird location that only a small percentage of visitors actually see. It’s entirely non-intrusive and it makes the store owner feel good for not bothering their visitors.

If you truly believe you have value to bring to someone, then why not prompt them to sign-up to receive said value? If being a part of your subscriber list is going to enrich that person’s digital journeys, then what’s the harm in telling them this?

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I’m a fan of prompting folks on their first visit to a site. Cookie them so that they only see the interstitial/modal window once (you don’t want to be a pest). This simple strategy of opening a modal and asking someone to sign-up on their first visit is incredibly effective. I’ve included a screenshot of a modal we are currently running on one of our sites.  Notice how there isn’t even a promotional offer?

Don’t want to do this for all visits?  How about only showing the modal for paid traffic (PPC)? It would require a small amount of development work but that way you can try this strategy out on a smaller subset of your traffic.

Sometimes the best strategies, are the most obvious ones. Make sure your newsletter signups are noticeable, and attention grabbing, or else your visitors simply won’t see/notice them, or to be completely frank… they won’t care enough to go and try and find the link themselves. Developing a modal window that’s presented to your visitors when they first visit your site is hands down one of the most effective ways to grow your subscriber list! Just remember, when you want to grow your subscriber list, just simply ask your customers to join! You may be surprised with the results.

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