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How to Successfully Grow Your Entire Online Funnel! – Shopify Plus Webinar Series

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Did you know that the average Shopify Plus merchant is growing at at 126% YoY? That’s an incredible 9x the industry-at-large! Do you want the same strategies that these Shopify Plus merchants use to drive growth?

Register today for an exclusive Two-Part Webinar Series on How to Successfully Grow Your Entire Online Funnel.

Late last year we published list of 5 Best Shopify Apps to Help Boost Your Holidays Now. The response to this post was so fantastic that Demac Media is now joining forces with our partner Shopify Plus, and our technology partners, to bring merchants the acquisition and retention strategies to drive more revenue online in 2018!

During this two-part webinar event Demac Media alongside Shopify Plus Partners – Klevu, Bronto, Yotpo, Smilie Rewards, and Nosto – will be running you through holistic approaches to optimizing your entire funnel.

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Line Up of Industry Experts

Day 1: Customer Acquisition

Tuesday March 6th at 1pm ET / 10 am PT

Demac Media

Demac Media’s Head of Digital Marketing, Vinay Sharma will be running merchants through his tried and true strategy for growing businesses online. Vinay, a former Google Employee, works in close collaboration with our roaster of retailers to identify new opportunities online and delivers an average Return on Ad Spend of 1000%+!

During this exciting webinar event you’ll learn the specific Search Engine Marketing + Facebook Ad strategy we use with clients that will guarantee you 10x your results in 2018. This aggressive acquisition strategy will help your business remain competitive, while laying the foundation to drive revenue growth online. Save your seat now, and leverage the behavioural patterns of consumers to acquire more customers!


Miles Tinsley, Klevu’s Head of U.S. will be providing tips and guidance on how retailers can provide a better overall customer experience and generate more revenue through search. The intention is that the talk will be vendor-agnostic and will be more focused on best practice for managing a search function.The core focuses of the talk will be on the following:

Klevu has seen a positive shift in recent times with merchants investing more in search technologies and promoting search as the primary user journey (in-line with stores like Amazon and eBay) and we’ll be briefly talking about where we see search progressing from here and the general impact we’ve seen from the different tips and areas being discussed. Don’t forget to save your seat!

Oracle + Bronto

Gabe Macaluso, Channel Manager – Team Lead at Oracle + Bronto, will be helping savvy marketers navigate one of the most effective customer acquisition and subscriber growth strategies, email! With more and more consumers checking their inboxes daily, the opportunity to meet customers at this important touchpoint can’t be ignored.

Converting your site visitors into subscribers doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn how to easily secure new subscribers through Oracle + Bronto’s expert strategies during this exclusive two part webinar event. Register to save your seat and learn how to make your messages count!

Day Two: Customer Acquisition

Wednesday, March 7th at 1 pm ET | 10 am PT


Yotpo will share cutting-edge techniques for leveraging the voice of your customers to build an engaged community around your brand. Gain strategies to engage buyers post-checkout and turn shoppers into lifetime brand advocates!

Plus, Yotpo will share the most innovative techniques for leveraging customer feedback to gain consumer insights at scale so you can build a better retention plan throughout your company. Register to learn more from Yotpo during the webinar.


After spending a lot of time and money to acquire a customer, once you have them, how can you make them loyal to your brand?

Customer retention has proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure future business. Personalization is something that is now expected by online shoppers and has become a top priority in over 94% of ecommerce companies. As personalization experts, Nosto will explain top strategies and quick wins on how to use personalization in your customer retention and retargeting strategies, featuring specific content for onsite recommendations and social media advertising. Register to learn how to connect with your customers from Nosto.

You can spot the warning signs before you lose your business to your competitors.

In this webinar topic Stuart Arsenault of the world’s most widely used rewards platform,, will show three warning signs that your business is at risk. But don’t worry he won’t leave you high and dry; Stuart will also show you 3 tactics to increase customer lifetime value & create a healthy, sustainable ecommerce business. Save your seat now and retain your customers while increasing CLV.


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