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Google Shopping Campaigns – Somewhat New And Very Improved

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Firstly, I would just like to justify the title of this article and explain why I say “somewhat”. As of September 1st, Google officially rolled out Google Shopping Campaigns which is the upgraded version of the previous Search – Product Listing Ads campaigns. So technically, this is new, the campaign itself was built out by the Google Adwords team to improve optimization of product listing ads. So what has really changed? How do “shopping” specific campaigns benefit Product Listing Ads as a means of Pay Per Click Advertising?

By now your Adwords account (assuming you have one) should have already been upgraded. The campaign overview looks like the screen shot below.

Screenshot 2014-09-05 14.41.43

It is very similar to any other search campaign, but the tab “Products” separates the two. In this tab you can access the products you have uploaded into your Google Merchant Center account. To dig deeper into Product targeting options, drill down to the Adgroup level. At this point you can access the Product Groups tab.

Screenshot 2014-09-05 15.18.46

Benefits of Google Adwords Shopping Campaigns – It’s All About The Products!

Typically when an Adwords account is linked to a Merchant Center account, those product feeds will be imported in all together by default from the Campaign settings. You can set up product filters so that Adwords pulls products from your data feeds based on a few different filters (Brand, Product ID’s etc.)

Screenshot 2014-09-05 15.29.11Depending on how many products you upload, this option is recommended to use all products in country of sale (Product feed locations are set in Google Merchant Center). These settings are achieved from the Campaign level, but what can we do from the Ad group level?

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Define Product Groups

Once you are in product groups, you will see that by default Google positions all of your inventory together. By selecting the drop down, you can open up your inventory and then subdivide products by brand, category etc into their own product group.

Screenshot 2014-09-09 09.17.29

Once the divides are set to your liking, you can adjust bids at the Product Group level based on your best sellers, exclusive products etc. Since the bid adjustment is done at the Product Group level, all of the other products in your inventory remain at the bid you set at the Campaign level.

Screenshot 2014-09-09 09.00.55


The Products tab at the Ad Group level is a list of all the product information Google Adwords has migrated from your linked Merchant Center account. This list can help you plan out how you want to use your product groups in case you don’t take the simple approach of organizing by brand. Here you will find your item ID’s, titles, prices etc.



Shopping Campaigns still contain the reporting metrics available considering it is a Pay Per Click Adwords campaign option. By now for users of Adwords, you may be comfortable with customizing columns to measure how well your ad campaigns are performing. There is also reporting data right from Google Merchant Center as well as little tricks you can do in Google Analytic such as retrieving search keyword queries that are tricking your PLA’s.

Google shopping campaigns for Adwords is a great opportunity to really optimize your product ad performance. As the competition in Canada continues to rise, you should always be testing when these features are deployed especially now that they are in full affect.

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