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A History of Google Algorithm Updates

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Each year Google likes to mess with eCommerce business owners and digital marketers by pushing hundreds of new updates to their algorithms. Well, not really, but their continuous search algorithm updates can get pretty annoying for those trying to keep up with the latest in search engine optimization, and play by the rules. It’s all for the better though! The internet pros at Google know which changes need to made and when to prioritize your content. Operators beware, you can and will get left behind if you don’t closely follow these changes! Google have made several significant changes that have greatly impacted websites, like Panda or Penguin and the huge mobile-friendly update we warned you about in April of this year. Ultimately paying attention to these updates will help with your search engine optimization. Check out the below infographic to see a visual history of Google algorithm updates:


Source: Hubspot

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Google toolbar from December 2000, guaranteed SEO arguments for years to come. Tweet this.

June 2005, Google allowed webmasters to submit XML sitemaps via Webmaster Tools. Tweet this.

2009, real-time search was for real: Twitter feeds, Google News, etc. Tweet this.

Hummingbird in 2013 recognizes full question searches. Tweet this.

Mobilegeddon hit in 2015, making mobile-friendly a stronger factor in ranks. Tweet this.

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