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Gold Standard in Content Marketing

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Ecommerce Infographics

It’s simple really – I love infographics. As a very visual person, I love being able to access a large amount of really insightful information in a creative way that’s quick and easy quick to understand as well as digest.

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Below is great example of that. I came across the “Gold Standard of Content Marketing” a couple days ago, and thought I would share. It not only begins with the definition of content marketing for anyone new to the subject area, but also contains important tips and even some pictures/graphics to make it visually stimulating to view. The important take aways from this infographic are as follows:

Content should be…

1. Comprehensive and Analytical
2. Helpful and Accurate
3. Free of Spelling and Grammatical Errors
4. Well polished and presented
5. Shared, Measured and Analyzed

(click the image for a larger resolution)

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