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Global Opportunities for Online Retailers

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With the world’s population increasingly willing to spend online, eCommerce is rocketing. Did you know that Japan has seen an increase of £25 billion since 2012 when it was calculated to be worth £55 billion. Or that Brazil’s eCommerce worth has tripled since 2012? In fact, Italy is the only developed nation to have seen a decline since 2012. With more shoppers going online to spend their money, there are global opportunities available for retailers in eCommerce. To find out which nations are at the forefront of this growth, and just how much internet users are spending, take a look at the infographic below.

Global Opportunities for Online Retailers

Source: Search Laboratory

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Japan’s eCommerce worth has seen an increase of 25 billion pounds since 2012. Tweet this.

Italy was the only developed nations to see a decline in its eCommerce worth from 2012. Tweet this.

Brazil have tripled their eCommerce worth since 2012 from £11bn to £33bn. Tweet this.

A direct reflection of Italy’s eCommerce worth declining is reflected in the average expenditure per internet user having more than halved in value. Tweet this.

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