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The Anti-Spam Movement: How to Get Your Customers to Stop Unsubscribing!

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Spammy marketing practices could be costing you more than you think! Not only are you pushing away valuable potential customers by spending them a spammy email or blocking their experience with an annoying pop-up, you’re risking a hefty fine!

Download our checklist to achieving anti-spam compliance and guide to CASL email footers by filling in the form below – you could WIN a free email audit from our in-house experts:

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CASL’s – Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation – right to private action may be delayed, but other provisions of CASL remain in force. Meaning, the CRTC, other regulators in Canada, and in the U.S. can still fine you for being a spammer!

Reasons Why Customers Unsubscribe!

To improve your email marketing efforts, it helps to understand the reasons behind why site visitors and customers are unsubscribing from you.

MarketingSherpa surveyed U.S. internet users and found out exactly why consumers unsubscribe:
why customers unsubscribe, demac media, marketingsherpa, casl, antispam

Are you a spammer?

Self-reflection is always a challenge, and so is spending a creative and effective marketing email.

Whether you’re intentionally doing it or not, your marketing practices are landing you in the spam folder or making customer unsubscribe from you altogether. Once you’ve been marked spam by a potential or current customer, you’re losing money.

5 Ways to get your customers to stop unsubscribing!

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A high unsubscribe rate should signal to you that something is amiss with your email marketing. Be proactive and take steps now to get your customers to stop unsubscribing:

1. Achieve CASL Compliance / Follow Anti-Spam Laws!!

Even though CASL’s right to private action is delayed, your business can still be subject to fines by the CRTC and your regional regulators (Americans, you have the CAN-SPAM equivalent!).

Click here to get our free checklist to achieve compliance today. Following email marketing best practices and legislation will save your business time and money, and win the hearts of consumers!

2. Pump The Breaks on Sending Frequently

why customers unsubscribe, demac media, marketingsherpa, spam email
This is a personal pet peeve of mine. More is not better, when you want to engage with consumers and have them convert. The example you see above from GAP/Banana Republic is straight-up spam. Sending this many emails in a short amount of time will force customers to unsubscribe.

3. Personalize Your Campaigns

why customers unsubscribe, demac media, marketingsherpa, spam email

Segmenting your lists allows you to target your most valuable groups of customers. Through proper segmentation, you can personalize offers, and send highly relevant emails to customers. Solutions from companies like our partner Nosto help you reconnect with their customers through automated, personalized emails.

A great example of this is the above email Wayfair sent me, after tracking my search on their site for rugs. The high relevancy of the offer was enough to entice me to click-through to their site.

4. Don’t Focus Only on Sales

You shouldn’t be trying to convert customers with every email you send! A hard sales a approach is a sure-fire way to drive customers away.

Try a more “soft-sell” approach to email to even-out the types of emails that you send. Leverage content to educate your customers on the products or services you sell. Not only will you avoid being marked as spam, you’ll improve your engagement with consumers.

5. Let Them Go!

Plot twist! If a customer unsubscribes it can be a good thing. Customers who unsubscribe are aware enough to know that they don’t want to hear from you anymore. Your list will be cleaner and you’ll be able to better target those who are interested and engaged with you emails, leading to more successful marketing campaigns.

Make sure these users can find your unsubscribe links in the footer of your emails! It’s illegal to not allow consumers the option to unsubscribe, fail to do so and you could get fined or marked as spam. Click the button below to get our anti-spam checklist + examples of footers to make sure your emails are compliant:

Get Your CASL Checklist!

Watch Below to See Demac Media Share Their Thoughts on Spam!

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