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The Flexibilities of OroCRM and How it Propels Businesses to Success

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As eCommerce continues to grow at a rapid pace, data plays a crucial role in engaging with customers on a deeper level. A CRM system provides the necessary tools to easily organize and view customer data and manage customer relationships more effectively. However, many CRM projects fail to achieve the goals set by the companies implementing them due to a lack of flexibility.

A CRM needs to be flexible enough to align functionality with the company’s unique business processes and offer the necessary customization options. At OroCRM, we believe in making flexible products that give businesses the tools they need to create amazing customer experiences. Built as an open-source platform, developers have access to the code to extend and enhance core product functionality, allowing them to customize the platform to fit their exact business goals.

Using CRM to Build Specific Solutions


Due to OroCRM’s high flexibility, our customers have been able to build very specific solutions to meet their business needs and drive efficiency in sales, marketing, eXommerce, and CRM efforts. Chicago-based promotional branding firm Overture Promotions implemented OroCRM through solution partner Demac Media when they launched an eCommerce division, called Blue Soda Promo. Needing a highly scalable and customizable CRM to support future growth, OroCRM provided them with the ability to create simple customer workflows, see marketing campaign results across all digital channels, and track customers easily.

Another example of OroCRM’s flexibility is found in the case study of DIFFAM Automation. DIFFAM, a French B2B merchant in the garage door and sliding/swinging gate industries, ventured into the B2C sphere with an eCommerce channel. B2B customers have different needs than B2C customers, so DIFFAM implemented OroCRM to support their multi-channel business and unify customer information across all purchasing channels. DIFFAM was able to optimize operations, make better marketing decisions, launch targeted campaigns, and provide personalized customer interactions.

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Spend More Time Growing Your Business with Automation


The right CRM system also easily integrates with existing systems and configures to a business’ specific needs, allowing companies to spend more time growing their business. Australian automotive parts retailer Spares Box needed a way to unify customer purchase data and communication across their existing platforms, which include eBay, Magento, MailChimp and ZenDesk. OroCRM’s multi-channel capabilities allowed Spares Box to sync with these platforms and capture both online and offline sales opportunities into a holistic 360-degree view to more efficiently track orders. Being able to store, retrieve, analyze, and act on customer data quickly is critical to any business. Spares Box leveraged Oro’s robust and intelligent segmentation engine to assure that every customer received information relevant to their needs (for example, if a customer buys an oil filter, Spares Box can send them a strategically targeted offer for other DIY maintenance products).

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How Demac Uses OroCRM


Our partner Demac Media has also found many other creative applications using OroCRM. For example, they recently worked with clients to create contests running on the Oro Platform. Demac Media helped these businesses create fun contests, such as answering a question correctly to win a prize, while simultaneously collecting important customer data. By bringing this data back into the customer view, they were able to not only track transaction and behavioural data, but also gain a sense of customer engagement.

OroCRM aligns to your unique business processes to harness customer information more easily and accurately. The simplicity of integrating it with POS, ERP, Marketplaces, websites and loyalty platforms means that you can access customer data from all business touch points and centralize this data in one place. With a wealth of customizable features, companies can build specific solutions to meet their business challenges, improve operations, and gain a deep understanding of their customers’ needs to ultimately optimize conversion. The real power of OroCRM lies within what you choose to create with it; whether it’s something as simple as creating workflows or more complex like Demac’s contests, its flexibility allows you to become a master of your data and customer interactions.

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About OroCRM

Oro Inc. is the company behind the Oro Suite of products including OroCRM, OroCommerce and Oro Platform. It was founded in 2012 by industry leaders in open-source business application development. Prior to founding Oro Inc., their founding and senior leadership team all helped lead Magento’s success and have an extensive history in e-commerce technology.

OroCRM is the most flexible, open-source CRM application that can be customized to fit your business needs. OroCRM allows companies to simplify the management on their customer data and leverage this data to personalize communications, optimize marketing campaigns, generate sales, and build customer loyalty. OroCRM offers groundbreaking productivity, account management, sales and marketing tools that fit the needs of any business, including business to business sales, online retail and multi-channel operations. Supported by a vibrant community where innovation is constant, OroCRM allows you to easily manage your customers’ data, provide superior customer experience, increase conversion and grow sales.

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