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Facebook + Vanity URLs = Money…somehow?

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I was going through my morning Google Reader routine and found this post by Stan Schroeder at Mashable making mention of a potential new Facebook feature.

Stan hits it on the head when he states that Facebook is obviously looking for some kind of Freemium business model, or at least a partial Freemium model.  I do however think that charging for this particular feature is a little ridiculous.

I can see having vanity URLs be a useful, and even valuable feature for enabling people you aren’t “Friends” with to find you.  However, I question whether or not Facebook is even thought of in this light.  When I think of Facebook, as it sits right now, the last thing I think about is meeting and engaging in conversations with new people. If I want to do these things, I look to Twitter and more recently Friendfeed.  So why would I pay for a feature that doesn't make very clear sense to me, as an average user?

Let me be clear on one other thing.  I do not claim to be a “Social Media” expert. I’m merely a web technology evangelist who knows social media only by using the very tools and services that everybody else does.  This post is merely an opinion from an average user of Facebook.

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