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How to Use Facebook Ads to Drive Sales This Holiday Season!

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Facebook Advertising Holiday Guide

Are you ready to drive sales for the holiday season?! Not to freak you out but, we’re almost in the midst of peak retail season…don’t worry I’m here to help you with your Facebook ads.

Last year, I gave you my 7 tips to ensure your holiday campaigns perform like gangbusters. This year I’m gifting you my Facebook Ad playbook that is guaranteed to help retailers and merchants make the most of the holiday season. Facebook is now the go-to sales channel for retailers and merchants who want to drive revenue online AND offline. It’s the one channel you shouldn’t ignore if you’re looking to end the year in the black, and make the most of the busy shopping season.

I’m going to breakdown Facebook Advertising down into two easy to digest chunks.

First in this blog post I’m going to outline the different types of Facebook Ads you can run, then in our ebook, The Retailer’s Guide to the Galaxy Holiday Season I’ll map out the correct sequence in which you need to run these ads in to create the most leverage. We have seen returns as little as 20x and as high as 100x in following this strategy with our clients at Demac.

Get your copy of The Retailer’s Guide to the Galaxy Holiday Season, with 6 Foolproof Facebook Campaigns to run this holiday season, and more!

The 6 Types of Facebook Ads You Need to Run During the Holidays!

  1. Page Like Ads
  2. Custom Audience Lists
  3. Carousel Ads
  4. Boosted Posts
  5. Dynamic Ads
  6. Lookalike Audiences

Knowing these Ad types alone won’t help you convert this holiday season! When it comes advertising through Facebook, it’s your campaign execution that will make the most difference. We recommend you tell your brand story, and be in the right place at the right time to capture as much of the market as possible.

To get the strategic order, and all the details, in which you need to run these Facebook ad types between now, back-to-school, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, and the start of the New Year download our FREE “holiday ebook name” by clicking the book below:

Retailer's Guide to the Holidays

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