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Facebook Ad Targeting: Ads That Are Likely to Receive Clicks

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Okay, not a trend we didn’t see coming but, out of all the ads that show up in my Home Feed, I must say I had a very pleasant experience. Through our knowledge of the Social Network, even Zuckerberg was hesitant at first, yet one day Facebook would inevitably give in to the power of online advertising. As much as the “A” word makes people cringe, I am very impressed with how Facebook Ads have come along.

Facebook has the distinct advantage of knowing everything about you! Sounds scary doesn’t it? Well it shouldn’t seeing as when you sign up for a Facebook account, you are agreeing to terms saying whatever info you share on your profile, that data is stored into your personal account. Who you choose to share it with is entirely up to you. Now enter Online Advertisers and Marketers. I signed into my account the other day and here is what should up on the right of my Home page….

To most, this is just another advertising board, but I am going to break down some of the different ads and how they relate to me, and why I did or did not click on them.
Note: The ad I did click on, I converted on.

Ad #1. Humber College Degree Ad

Educational Ad. Humber College is targeting me offering degree programs.

Why is this relevant to me? Check out my education on my profile.

My education in my profile shows that I am a College Graduate from Fanshawe College’s Business Administration Marketing program. I received my diploma and advanced diploma from this program, and Humber offers me options for continued education to get a degree.

So Why Didn’t I click this ad?

My background and current profession is in Marketing, the options I am being offered in this ad is Hospitality, Recreational & Tourism. Ideally this mismatch would have been a better offer if they were offering me Marketing specific programs such as General, Sports or Online Marketing. The relationship between the offer and me and the message unfortunately do not match. Now I am not waging war between Fanshawe and Humber which are both exceptional institutions, but this ad is not for me.

Ad #2. Marin Software

This ad is challenging my knowledge of search and in exchange, the chance to win an iPad.

Again I ask, why is this relevant to me? There are a few reasons why this ad is targeting me.

First Method Match: My occupation.

My title at Demac Media is Search Engine Marketing Coordinator. No doubt the intent is to test my ID on online search.

Second Method Match: Re-targeting.

A little while back, Marin Software posted a PPC Quarterly Report that they shared on LinkedIn (another gold mine for information). I downloaded the report out of curiosity, hoping to use this educational piece to use for myself. I filled in my info, submitted it, downloaded the report and then waited (Great stuff by the way, very informative).

What happened Next? I received a phone call from Marin which included questions, requests for a demo, yada yada yada. Again, not trying to say anything bad here, this is a typical business practice and Marin has a platform that is beneficial to Search Marketers. I was simply qualified as a prospect and am now being re-targeted keeping this fresh in my mind. No harm done.

Why I didn’t click this ad?

I’ve been qualified and have chatted with reps before, no need to go through the process again.

Note: Again nothing personal against the Software company targeting me, but this type of interaction was made in the right place the first time. Business solutions targeting a professional network is what enticed me to click. The offer and timing was right, just not this time.

Ad #3. The Planet Smashers

This is an ad of one my favourite Canadian bands, (The Planet Smashers) upcoming shows in Toronto.

How does Ticketfly know this ad suits me personally? Check out my current living situation and “Likes” page.

Self Explanatory, I live in Toronto, and I have already “Liked” The Planet Smashers on Facebook, and since the 8th grade.

Why I clicked this ad over the others targeted at me?

The right place and the right time. The ad language is perfectly suited for me to click. Not that Ticketfly knew I have never seen the Smashers, but truth is, I have never seen the Smashers. February 15th stalled me for a second because I thought I had something that night. Turns out I have another show on February 16th. Date was free, I click the ad.

The rest is history, I was brought to the event landing page (see below) which outlined all the details, allowed me to log in with Facebook and check out. Now I have never made a purchase from this site, but I am in the business of eCommerce and online marketing, they won me over by practicing great elements of eComm. I recruited a few friends and purchased 4 tickets and received my electronic tickets much like you would from TicketMaster or TicketHub.

Conclusion: My Recommendation

From this experience, I learned a few things about Social Media Advertising. First off, you’re going to get a lot of impressions. This one ad is the one and only ad I have ever clicked on my Facebook page. Here is what I learned: use the correct Network for the correct message. LinkedIn is perfect for professional services, software, job related educational pieces. Facebook is used for personal social networking between friends and families. While having a professional Facebook page is still in my recommendation, use it to connect with your fans for what is going on, what’s new, and what’s exciting. In this particular example, I only clicked the ad that is within my personal interest. My work is my work and I enjoy what I do, but music is a hobby, pass time and interest, 3 things that Facebook is used for sharing. Right place, right time.

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