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Enhanced eCommerce for Google Analytics: How Does it Work?

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Conversion Optimization

“Enhanced eCommerce in Google Analytics made it extremely easy to analyze the metrics that are important to an eCommerce site and garner the insights to make smart changes to our website, driving significant improvements in performance!”
— Danny Gavin, VP and Director of Marketing at Brian Gavin Diamonds

Enhanced eCommerce with Google Analytics

Last week Google moved their Enhanced eCommerce for Google Analytics (ec.js) from beta to a full release! Enhanced eCommerce is a great feature of Google Analytics, so take the time to read over the documentation. Don’t be overwhelmed by what’s available to you when it comes to implementation, this tool is well worth the time you need to invest to understand it in order to use it effectively and efficiently for your online business. This new tool by Google allows businesses to easily access detailed insights by individual device, and report on how customers are behaving on their sites; a huge benefit for analysts, owners, advertisers, and marketers alike!

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Shopping and purchasing behaviour

Enhanced eCommerce

The new Shopping Analysis reports give retailers a detailed look at how visitors engage with content in terms of viewing products, and adding or removing them from shopping baskets; along with initiating, abandoning and completing transactions. Upon viewing these reports eCommerce managers can form hypothesis and begin testing modifications to increase conversion rates and maximize engagement.

Economic performance

enhanced ecommerce

The Overview and Product Performance reports are more focused on products themselves and their conversion rates. The report includes:

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Merchandising success (Promotions & Affiliates)

enhanced ecommerce

In addition to measuring product performance, retailers can measure the internal and external marketing efforts that support those products.

If you’re using internal promotions, such as banners that promote sales on different parts of a businesses site, you can track views, clicks, and the click-through rate for those promotions in the Internal Promotion report.


The Customer Journey

With this new suite of tools, the logic behind every customer behaviour will be as clear as ever. Unlike the eCommerce tracking before this release Google is truly mapping out the customer journey. It went from using information on the receipt or purchase confirmation page to send transaction and revenue data to seeing the process from end to end. Now eCommerce managers can build out tweaks and improvements and a/b test to transform their websites into conversion machines. If you’d like to learn more about these tools and conversion optimization Demac’s in house conversion optimization team would be happy answer a few questions.

Click here for a walk through of how to install Enhanced eCommerce on your Google Analytics account.

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