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5 Simple Email Tactics You Need to Drive Customer Loyalty

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Having a loyal following of customers is worth A LOT to your business! The numbers don’t lie, 5% increase in loyalty can drive the avg. revenue per customer up 25-100%! Building loyalty with your customers will directly impact business growth.

Not only are repeat customers worth more to your business, keeping them coming back for more is way more cost effective! It costs 16x more to bring a new customer to the level of a current one. Not to mention your returning customers spend up to 3x more at your store than one-time customers.


You want to spend time acquiring new customers, but to power eCommerce growth you’ll want to implement marketers favourite tool – email.

Email marketing is slowly growing in popularity as THE digital marketing tool to keep customers coming back for more! For good reason, loyalty driven email content drives more revenue and higher rates of transaction per customer!

Improving customer loyalty pre, during, and post-sale should be your primary focus! Here’s our 5 simple email tactics to build trust, loyalty with your customers:

5 Email Marketing Tactics to Improve Customer Loyalty

1. Stay in touch!

stay in touch!

Don’t ghost your customers. You’ll want to keep them engaged, and have your company stay top-of-mind, but remember do not spam. Your customers want to feel special, and be remembered.

Establish regular communication via emails. Even if your customers haven’t been back 6 months, you can touch base with a “lapsed customer” campaign to help keep them engaged. Building a good relationships with your customers is absolutely critical to having repeat customers.

2. Keep it Relevant

The quickest to build trust with shoppers is by understanding what they’re interested in from you. Incentives and discounts are great (and can be part of your loyalty program), but what customers really want is relevancy first and foremost. In offering incentives or content via email that aren’t relevant to your customers interests, you risk tarnishing the relationship for good.

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3. Be Personal.

Personalization is the easiest way for you to grab the attention of your customers through email. You can deliver the right messages through intelligent email segmentation, which will help personalize your customer’s next experience with your store and make it an exceptional one!

We even found (Q3 2016 eCommerce Report) for two of our top-performing retailers across 6 million emails sent, that segmented campaigns dramatically out-performed “batch and blast” in revenue performance!

Quick tips on keeping it personal:

4. Treat Them Like VIPS

Who doesn’t like the VIP experience? Your customer took the time to spend their money on your products and services, so they deserve to be treated well like you.

What do VIPs get? Special treatments. Send your customers exclusive deals and early offers. Not only will they feel wanted they’ll be more engaged with your emails and willing to open and click-through to purchase. When open rates, and click-through rates rise, so does your customer’s loyalty.

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5. Say thank you!

Customers want to know you care and appreciate their business! Mind your manners and say “thank you” to help increase customer loyalty.

You should care about your customers! After all, they’re the ones sustaining your business, spending money on your products. What we tell the retailers and brands that we work with is to remember that Commerce as it exists (online and in-store) is ALL about people right now. Be appreciative, provide exceptional levels of customer service, and loyalty will shoot up!

Keep ’em Coming Back with Email!

email marketing tactics customer loyalty
Remember, returning customers are valuable to your business. It costs more to acquire new customers, so focus on building a better relationship with the customers you already have. Email marketing is a vital tool you can utilize to help build and sustain this loyalty in the long-run. Use these tactics like these to see loyalty and revenue increase:

  • Stay in touch
  • Make relevant offers
  • Keep it personal
  • Make them feel special
  • Be appreciative

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