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Email Marketing – Open Sesame!

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It doesn’t matter what fabulous content you have to offer your customers if your messages aren’t being opened.  So what’s the trick to increasing your open rates and subsequently seeing a higher conversion rate from email?

Well, with many variables at play, there is no set recipe to guarantee a consistently high open rate, but here are a few elements to consider when planning your email marketing strategy:

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Before your customers can open your email, it has to land in their inbox. Keeping a clean list is an easy way to help with deliverability. Repeat sends to email addresses that are invalid will affect your open rates as well as your reputation among the major ISPs. Keep your data clean by removing addresses that continue to bounce or that are flagged as invalid. The “From” name and address that you are using to send your messages is also important. Make sure they know where the email is coming from with the branding easily recognizable.

Cleanse your Data

Consider where your data is coming from and spend the time to review the amount of contacts that have never opened your emails. Although you may want to grow your list, the amount of inactive users can be hurting you.  Users can be inactive for many reasons and monitoring these numbers and developing plans to cleanse your database will help to increase open rates. You may not want to remove inactive contacts initially, but you can start by sending them a targeted message or incentive to see if they re-engage.

Subject Line

With all the competition in the inbox your message needs to really stand out in the crowd. Email marketing campaigns are a large percentage of the average persons mailbox and so the subject line is the one thing that can intrigue them enough to open (and hopefully make a purchase)! Although some words have a high spam connotation, there are no set words that should or shouldn’t be used within a subject line. It varies greatly on the content and the audience you are targeting. Know your audience and use terms and phrases they might respond to. Use spam rating tools to evaluate your subjects lines and test, test, test!


A successful marketer knows their audience and makes decisions based on their behaviour and online habits. The timing of your emails can have a huge impact on your open rates. Inboxes can fill up and you don’t want your message to get lost in the mix. Knowing when your audience is likely to be active online will help increase the chances of them opening and reacting to your messages. It is not always an obvious answer, so experimenting with different times will help determine what is right for your brand.

It is an ongoing job to increase your open rates and keep them high. But with a good understanding of your audience, attention to a clean list ….and of course providing great content and offers you should see some great results!

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