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Email Marketing: It’s Personal (or at least it should be)

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How many emails do you get in your inbox each day? And how many do you actually open and spend the time to read? As an email marketer, it’s not an easy job to get engagement, let alone a conversion from an email campaign.

Despite this challenge, email marketing can be one of the most effective tools to reach your audience as it allows for the opportunity to really cater to their specific needs.

Most people receive tons of “batch and blast” style of email communications in their inbox every day. With this kind of general messaging, most readers may not be so engaged. Instead of this generic approach, try tailoring the messages using the information you have already collected.

Your email list is not only a group of customers that consented to receiving your messages, but it is a cultivated list of users for which you have collected valuable information. It’s this information that can be used to help you target and personalize your campaigns.

1. Personalized and Relevant Content

Make the messages personal and target users based on their individual details and online behaviour. Create content that will speak directly to your customers and consists of content relevant to them specifically. Even simple data such as name, gender and location can be used to send effective and customized campaigns out to your users. Address your readers by name and tell them about the sales, events and content appropriate to them.


– Tell users about events or sales happening in their area based on their address information
– Send only the products geared towards your individual customers based on gender or age range

2. Event Based and Triggered Campaigns

Your customers are providing some great information with every action they make your site. Use this information to target them appropriately and setup automatic campaigns based of events or actions.


– Thank your loyal customers by sending offers and discounts on their birthday or anniversary of their first (or xth) order
– Send post purchase emails with suggestions on what to buy next based on a recent  or specific order
– Remind people to come back when they have abandoned their shopping carts and provide incentives to complete that purchase

3. Re-engagement Campaigns

Your list may have emails collected from many different sources; online signup, online purchases, events or other marketing campaigns, or even in-store visits. Many of these may not be regular customers and perhaps some of them may have never made a purchase. Email campaigns can be used to re-engage these users and give them a reason to make a purchase.


– Engage customers who haven’t purchased in a certain timeframe with promotions or exclusive offers (Eg. 15% off, or free shipping)
– Send a promotion to those who have never made a purchase with a discount on their first purchase

Relevancy is the new “Batch and Blast”

There are so many ways to effectively personalize your campaigns and really engage your audience. The key is to have something relevant to say and make it personal. Knowing your audience and their behavior will not only help you create customized campaigns but it will also help to achieve your online revenue goals.

Happy Marketing!

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