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3 Ways to Unite Your In-Store and eCommerce User Experiences

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Retail’s drastic evolution over the years has led to more consumers heading online to purchase items. The adoption of smartphones, and penetration of new technologies have made buying and browsing easier than ever. This shift in consumer behaviour is forcing companies to re-evaluate their operations completely, as customers now have access to product information almost instantiously on their mobile devices. Companies are working hard to provide a cohesive experience online and in-store, and consumers are cutting into profits by “showrooming” (browsing in store but buying online for a better price). Merchants that are willing to embrace this paradigm shift are the ones that will eventually prevail online as eCommerce continues to grow. The best way to survive in this brave new shopping world? Adopt a multi-channel strategy. Check out this infographic of ways to unite your in-store and eCommerce user experiences to create a win for your business:


Source: Mainstreethost

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