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eCommerce Saves the Day: Occupy Sandy’s Wedding Registry

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It’s been all over the news… the images, destruction and heart break: the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, many people have been lending a hand and donating supplies to those who need them most. However, what quickly started to happen was an over stock of certain supplies and a huge demand for others.

Solution? Create a portal where supplies can be listed, especially those most in demand, then have individuals from all over the country purchase (read: donate) and ship them to where they are needed. eCommerce at its best, saving the day!

The Right Donations, Where They’re Needed

Occupy Sandy, a not-for-profit organization in New York City, came up with a brillant and creative solution while operating a large grassroots cleanup initiative – utilize the wedding registry feature on Amazon as a way for people to understand what supplies are most needed by individuals. Some items include: blankets, batteries, water pumps, extension cords, and personal care products. Volunteers from Occupy Sandy update the registry as often as they are notified on what is most needed by those in affected areas.

Current Examples

The registry lists the price, its priority, quantity desired and the quantity already received. This is helping donors understand in real time what has been donated, and what is truly needed.

Furthermore, the volunteers are using social media to expand their reach and exposure to gather more donations. You can follow them on Twitter @SandyRegistry.


Looking to help? You can donate to the

Occupy Sandy Registry here.

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