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eCommerce Retail’s New Storefront

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There’s no doubt that the appeal of shopping online is it’s convenience, across all verticals. Business is booming online, clothing is eCommerce’s largest retail category generating $51 billion online, followed closely by consumer electronics at $26 billion and grocery at $16 billion. Last year eCommerce transactions accounted for 9% ($210.6 billion) of retail sales! That number is projected to grow to 11% by 2018. eCommerce has opened up retailing across boarders too, with consumers able to buy and browse from anywhere in the world. Online stores are now the first touch point for consumers, making eCommerce retailer’s new storefront. If you’re a merchant it’s imperative that you’re not only selling online but representing your company and products in the best way possible through advertising and marketing. You should also be catering to the new currents in consumer behaviour created by online shopping, this includes designing responsively, and providing a great shopping experience. Learn more about how eCommerce is retail’s new storefront with the infographic below!

eCommerce retail's new storefront

Source: KoeppelDirect

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