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eCommerce – eBay Map Shows East Coast Buys More Online Than West Coast

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We have a few eCommerce sites under management here at Demac Media and we’ve always noticed a bit of a trend when it came to geographic sales patterns.  In our experience it always seemed that the eastern states are more frequent online shoppers than the west coast and central states (excluding California of course).

To further show this visually, eBay decided to create an interactive map of their online transactions that took place on Black Friday this year.  It’s really interesting to look at the large cluster of online shoppers on each coast compared with central states.  I’m not too familiar with population density comparison in the USA from state to state but this probably has something to do with what we’re seeing in the map.


In any case, this is powerful information for all eCommerce companies to be looking at regularly.  We encourage this type of analysis heavily using Google Analytics built in geo tracking capabilities. 

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