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Set Up Dynamic Remarketing to Make Your Adwords Campaigns More Powerful!

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Dynamic Remarketing is a powerful tool that allows you to engage with, and show relevant tailored ads to, returning site visitors. Instead of showing a non-targeted, non-relevant static ad, it allows you to display the products they previously visited and viewed with the intent of bring them back to convert. These audience-tailored messages allows you to have a second chance to increase conversions and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Setting up Dynamic Remarketing

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Product Feeds: Product feeds should contain all your products and services, along with all product information (price, description, ID, etc.) Product feeds allow you to pull relevant information that will populate the Dynamic Remarketing ads. You’ll need the Demac Feed Manager extension in order to set this up. The extension allows you to generate feeds for the product categories you’d like to optimize.

Google Merchant Center: If you’re not using PLAs, you’ll need to register for a Google Merchant Center Account–if you haven’t already set one up. If you already are using PLAs, then you can just log in to your account.

Google defines a data feed as, “a file made up of a list of products which use groupings of attributes that define each one of a merchant’s products in a unique way.”

Are Your Product Feeds Set Up Correctly?

It’s important that a product feed is correctly set up and optimized. Google recently updated their product feed specifications, so any new feeds should match them accordingly. If this isn’t done, it will result in an account suspension and campaigns that won’t properly run. Besides, any additional feed optimizations will allow you to improve on Sales, Conversions and CTR. For more information on Google’s New Product Specifications you can refer to the following link:

Once you’ve ensured that you’re complying with Google’s new policies and have generated the feeds via the Demac Feed Extension, you’ll need to register and upload the feeds into the Google Merchant Center. There’s no need to re-register a feed if you’ve already registered it once. You only need to update and upload it. It’s a very simple and straightforward step-by-step process.

Only certain file formats are acceptable:

Install the Dynamic Retargeting Tag

Dynamic Remarketing Tag: Once you successfully register and upload your feeds, install the Dynamic Remarketing Tag. This allows you to track your website visitors and add them to Remarketing lists. It associates them to the unique IDs of the products in the feed they previously viewed. We recommend using Google Tag Manager, as it will simplify the process. There are numerous resources available online which provide useful instructions on how to implement the tag correctly via GTM. You must ensure that the tag’s customer parameters are added to all pages of your website. Once you’ve successfully added the tag, you can assess if it is firing and tracking by going to the Audiences section of the Shared Library tab in Adwords.

Creating the Dynamic Remarketing Ads in Adwords

ecommerce, website design, demac media, digital marketing, adwords, google, dynamic remarketing
You can create and tailor your ads via the Ad Gallery once you’ve set up your Dynamic Remarketing Campaign. You’ll have the ability to choose from numerous ad layouts, create multiple product carousels, crop your images to fit the ads, add star ratings and more.

Adwords can predict the specific layouts that will drive the best campaign performance depending on the placements, audience and platforms where the ads will end up.

A huge percentage of your business comes from return visits. You don’t want to waste time and money on irrelevant ad campaigns. With Dynamic Remarketing, you’ll have a lot more control over your remarketing efforts and your budget.

Re-engagement is a key factor in driving sales. By setting up campaigns that speak to your customers better, you’ll have a winning chance of driving your revenue and conversions to new heights.

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