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Discounting in the Digital Age

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Retailers love using discounts to add purchasing incentive for customers, and it works! But in the age of quick commerce, is discounting just a quick and dirty way to boost numbers? Before you get too trigger-happy with slashing prices to get consumers to buy, be aware that discounts can wreak havoc on your bottom line and train your customers to never respect the full price value of the items you sell. Marketers are deploying new strategies to make the most of discounts and maintain their online brands. When backed by data and analytics you can reach the right customers in the right ways with the right discounts. Did you now that 97% of retailers use discounting as a pricing strategy? Even though discount emails offer a higher conversion than non-discounted emails, however personalization can make your strategies even more successful! Learn more about why testing is important, how to use personalization and the best examples of powerful discount tests to run with the below infographic:


Source: Sailthru

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