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5 Digital Giants Brought Low by Cyber Attacks

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It happens all the time. You hear about it in the news. You see businesses suffer through the loss of millions. Cyber breaches are a known threat in the digital world, affecting big and small retailers alike. No one is safe from cyber crime. Much akin to the move retail has made from physical to digital organized crime has also made a shift. Over the past couple of years mass merchants have shown the world that they aren’t impervious to criminal activity online. In 2014 specifically was a year for high profile breachers, with digital giant eBay getting hacked thus effecting 145 million customers. Cyber crime is not limited to retail, in September of the same year the Apple iCloud accounts of several celebrities were accessed by hackers. With more of the world online and operating in the digital space security and privacy incidents have increased, impacting all industries globally. Cyber attacks create a ripple effect causing disruptions in supply chains, manufacturing downtime, defects in CRM and more! To learn more about 5 digital giants that were brought down by cyber attacks, check out the infographic below:


Source: SpeechPath

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In 2013 Evernote was hacked exposing the accounts of 50M customers. Tweet this.

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eBay was targeted by hackers in 2014, effecting 145 million customers. Tweet this.

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