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Demac Media Wins 2011 Magento Partner Excellence Award!

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From Our CEO, Magento Commerce

Yes, you read the title right!

Dimitri (our CTO) and I were both quite surprised to see our company logo/name show up on the screen amongst the top 10 Magento Solution partners of 2011 while attending Magento Imagine 2012 in Las Vegas this past week.

We definitely aren’t one of the biggest Magento Solution partners, but it really is nice to see that our obsessive-compulsive focus on successful merchant stories continues to show results!

I have to send a huge thank you out to our crazy-awesome team that we are so lucky to have here at Demac Media, as well as a the great folks at Magento we work with. Without these guys and gals there wouldn’t be any awards, let alone much of anything else.

2012 has started off even bigger than 2011 as we continue to push forward on creating great experiences for the many merchants we’re so fortunate to work with.

Since we’re all fans of media, here are a few photos of the shiny award with myself as well as it now being on display in my “still-needing-decor” white office!

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