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Demac Media Canada Post Integration for Magento

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Last week at our Montreal eCommerce Forum we officially launched the Demac Media Canada Post Integration for Magento!

This extension takes complete advantage of all Canada Post solutions, and is perfect for merchants looking to provide better shipping alternatives for their customers while having more control in their backend system. This extension not only offers public and custom rating services, it also has support for the complete shipping flow. From rate requests, to shipping label printing, manifest generation/printing, shipment cancellations, all the way to detailed package tracking, this extension has it all. Furthermore, it’s not necessary to create an account on Canada Post, you can do it all from the Magento backend! Our Canada Post Integration fully supports delivery to post offices, integration with Google maps, full tracking details and multi-shipping integration. If you truly want to take advantage of what Canada Post has to offer, this is the extension for you.

Here’s a video highlighting the benefits of Magento, Canada Post, and the Integration Demac Media developed to provide the perfect end-to-end eCommerce solution. The video also features one of our clients, Ardene, as a case study. Ardene is currently taking advantage of the Canada Post integration on their Magento Enterprise site:

Extension Features

– Retrieves Live Rates from Canada Post (both public and negotiated rates)
– Complete Integration with Canada Post Web Services API
– Create, Print and Manage Shipping Manifests
– Generate and Print Shipping Labels
– Support for RMAs, print labels for returns/exchanges
– On Site Shipment Tracking
– Integration with Canada Post registration
– Fully Supports Delivery to Post office in Canada (with Google Maps integrated!)

Note: Currently all features with the exception of RMAs and return label printing are supported in Community Edition (CE). RMAs and Returns are a Magento Enterprise (EE) feature only and return label printing from Canada Post is supported in EE.

Purchase and Installation

The Demac Media Canada Post Integration is available now on Magento Connect as well as the Demac Media Product Page, and can be installed directly from the Magento backend, no FTP’s necessary! It’s completely automatic. Currently the extension is compatible with:
– Magento Community Edition (CE) 1.5 and up
– Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) 1.7 and up

Below is a demo video of the extension to give merchants some insight into how the extension functions within Magento:

Start taking advantage of all that is offered by Canada Post and Magento with this integration! Your customers will thank you for it.

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