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This Week in eCommerce: December 15 – 19

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The end of Q4 is nigh! The biggest shopping season of the year is still in full-swing, so what’s new in eCommerce this week? Magento announced today Magento 2 Developer Beta, available for download and install from Github. A FedEx double-trailer truck overturns on one of the busiest delivery days of the year, spilling packages – we assume to be gifts – on the highway! Amazon caters last-minute holiday shoppers, extending their free-shipping deadlines for Christmas so you can procrastinate, and skip the line-ups at the mall. Food and Beverage is slowly embracing eCommerce, and one of the biggest online food ordering marketplaces, Foodpanda, makes even more key acquisitions to guarantee global success. Tired of waiting days for shipping? How about waiting only one hour for your online purchases? Amazon Prime Now launched in NYC, offering 60 minute delivery for $7.99! Alcoholic beverage delivery app Drizly teams up with whiskey appreciation platform Distiller to bring consumers in select cities one of the most magical delivery services we’ve seen yet. For all the details from this week’s newsmakers read-on below!

For all Magento Friends!

Announcing Magento 2 Developer Beta – Now Available on GitHub

Available now for download and install on Github, Magento Developer 2 Beta! During their webinar today Magento also announced a new developer hub called the Magento Developer 2 Hub, where developers will be able to access documents and blog posts from the Magento technical team. Additionally Magento launched public documentation for Magento 2 on Github available here. On of the most exciting parts of their announcement was the new process the company is apply to Github to directly accept submissions and pull requests, facilitating better transparency and attribution to contributors. In case you missed the webinar, there will be a recorded version available for you to view on the Developer Hub.

Let’s Hope Those Weren’t Your Presents!

FedEx truck overturns on New Jersey highway, spills packages

Source: Global News

Earlier this week, on Fedex’s busiest delivery day of year no less, a truck filled with packages overturned in Northern New Jersey. Occurring at 2:45am on Interstate 289 the driver lost control of the double-trailer and ended up on the exit ramp. Just 10 days before Christmas, the truck was likely carrying gifts. Thankfully the driver only sustained minor injuries and Fedex was able to quickly reload the shipments and combat the unexpected delay.

More Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Thanks to Amazon!

Amazon extends its Christmas order cutoff

Source: Internet Retailer

Are you one of many shoppers who wait until the last possible minute to complete your Holiday gift-getting? Are you waiting to settle on that perfect something for that perfect someone this Holiday season, and live in the United States? You’re in luck! Amazon extended their free-shipping deadlines this week; orders submitted by Dec 19 will be delivered by Christmas Eve, while Prime members will have until Dec 22 to place their orders with the eCommerce giant. Need a package delivered Christmas day? Well if you live in one of 12 markets Amazon, you’ll be able to order an item at 10 a.m. Christmas Eve. According to Internet Retailer, of the merchants in their Top 500 and Second 500 guide – 693 retailers – Amazon has a later guaranteed Christmas Eve shipping deadline than all but 25 retailers. With so few shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, this shopping season is hectic for some and Amazon is doing what it takes to make it easier. Particularly for their more than 20 million Prime members, who can take advantage of two-day shipping.

Foodpanda’s Presence Grows in the Emerging Online Food & Beverage Industry

Rocket Internet-backed Foodpanda acquires European rivals Donesi, Pauza and NetPincer

Source: VC Circle

With operations in 41 country Foodpanda keeps on growing with the acquisition of its rivals. The online food ordering marketplace offers consumers the ability to order meals from various location-specific restaurants, while increasing revenue for participating vendors through online and mobile platforms. We’re slowly seeing the advent of Food and Beverage embracing eCommerce, and Foodpanda’s success and growth speaks to the opportunities available online to those in this retail category. Foodpanda’s acquisition of Donesi, Pauza and NetPincer solidify it’s presence in Europe; making it a global powerhouse rivalled by a brand North Americans may be more familiar with – Just Eat.

The City that Never Sleeps Gets One-Hour Shipping

Amazon Brings One-Hour Delivery To NYC With Prime Now

Amazon is doing what it can to stay competitive in a growing industry of disruptors. This week the online retailer launched Prime Now, a service only available for now in NYC but will be expanding to other large cities in the US through-out 2015. Prime Now will delivery what Amazon categories as “essentials” (think toilet paper, books, and toys) to consumers in the city. In an attempt to deal with disruptors who are offering delivery systems in cities that undercut Amazon’s standard delivery rates and time. Users can download the Prime Now app for iOS and Android to get deliveries between 6:00 a.m. and midnight seven days a week. One-hour delivery will $7.99 be $7.99 with two-hour delivery free with your Prime membership.

Beverages Provided by eCommerce

Happy Hour, Delivered: eCommerce’s Final Frontier

Source: Tech Cocktail

eCommerce will allow you to feel even more festive this Holiday season, and all you need is your smartphone. Liquor delivery app Drizly and Distiller, a whiskey appreciation and recommendation platform, have team-up to bring consumers alcoholic beverages right to their doors. Available for now in select cities; Austin, Boston; Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, and Washington, DC the service will expand to other cities further into 2015. Drizly and Distiller will connect you with physical locations that serve the bottles you’re looking for, deliver them to your location, and even recommend new brands to try and drinks to mix. Although omnichannel strategies are nothing new to retail, this marriage of bricks and mortar and digital commerce is nothing to scoff at. We’re slowly changing the how, what, and where of consumption and retailers need to keep up or get left behind; this includes the Food and Beverage retail category.

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