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This Week in eCommerce:
December 1 – 5

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We survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and are happy to be bringing you this week’s top eCommerce news! Cyber Monday “killed it” this year, with sales reaching past $2 billion! Even better news, the Girl Scouts are going digital by bringing their cookie sales online! Unfortunately for us, the Canadian equivalent, the Girl Guides will not be following suit. Shopify‘s CEO Tobi Lütke has been name CEO of the Year by the Globe and Mail, and we couldn’t be more proud of our rapidly-growing eCommerce partner. Target partnered with Google’s Art, Copy & Code team to create an in-store mobile game to enhance the shopping experience of their customers. comScore’s statistics are coming in following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, one of their top ranked eCommerce sites is reporting a 24% increase from this Black Friday. The implementation of a voice management service provided by Voxware in construction materials company Artex’s warehouse brought about a rise in order-picking accuracy that is close to perfection. How many companies can say that about their shipping and fulfillment? Demac client and swimwear designer Seilenna was recently featured on the Women’s Wear Daily website following the launch of their new site! Stay tuned for our Seilenna site launch blog post to come on the blog next week. Read-on for all the details from this week’s top eCommerce newsmakers.

Sales on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday extends long shopping weekend

Source: Global News

Since 2010 “Cyber Monday” (the Monday after the American Thanksgiving weekend) has been the biggest online shopping day of the year. comScore predicted that people on Cyber Monday would be spend $2.5 billion! Paypal reported that its global mobile payment volume was up 47% on Thanksgiving Day in comparison to last year. eBay astoundingly reports that they had sold Apple iPad Air 2 tablets at a rate of one per second on Thanksgiving. The National Retail Federation coined the term Cyber Monday in 2005, with a nod to the notion that most customer were shopping from work, where connections are faster. This year’s Cyber Monday came after a shopping weekend that saw 11% less spending overall. The National Retail Federation estimates that Holiday sales for 2014 will be up 4.1%, $616.9 billion.

C is for Cookie, and eCommerce?

Girl Scouts byting into digital for cookie sales

Source: Associated Press

Finally the moment we’ve been waiting for is here! Girl Scout Cookies will now be available for sale online. Chief Digital Cookie Executive, Sarah Angel-Johnson iterates that, “Online is where entrepreneurship is going.” Of course it makes sense to go where people are buying. However this new initiative is intended to enhance in-person cookie sales, not replace. So why the delay in getting online? eCommerce has been going strong for sometime now, but officials from the Girl Scouts wanted to ensure they did this the smart and scalable way. The girls will be required to build a client list, as access to the sale site will be through an account only.

Shopify’s CEO honoured by The Globe and Mail

Our Canadian CEO of the year you’ve probably never heard of

Source: Globe and Mail

One of our partners, Shopify, are finally receiving the recognition the company deserves from the Globe and Mail! If you don’t know, Shopify is an eCommerce platform who currently hosts 120,00 different online stores, most of whom are craftspeople and small business. Shopify provides business owners with a “plug-in” omnichannel solution for their business, and with this model have achieved a great deal of success. It’s no surprise to us that the Canadian based company is taking over eCommerce, and we’re lucky enough to be their partner! Shopify stores have done well to say the least – having done a combined total of $5 billion in sales, and a predicted amount of global sales to total $1.7 trillion in 2015. CEO Tobi Lütke has been named CEO of the year, and is the leader behind Shopify’s growing success. The Globe and Mail tells the tale of Lütke’s success in this comprehensive article that outlines his success like a software release. I encourage you to read on to learn more about this Canadian success story, who may just be saving Canada’s high-tech sector.

Cut the Boredom from Holiday Shopping at Target

Target’s Mobile Game Provides a Fun In-Store Experience for Holiday Shoppers

Source: Google

Introducing Bullseye’s Playground, a mobile game for Target’s Holiday shoppers created in partnership with Google’s Art, Copy & Code team. Mobile usage is on the rise, as we’ve been reporting, but now more than ever retailers are using mobile devices to their favour, and incorporating them more into the shopping experience. In fact 75% of shoppers plan to use their mobile devices in-store this Holiday shopping season, however 82% of those customers will still be buying at the cash register. Smart retailers have noticed this behavioural pattern of their shoppers, and are starting to treat these devices as shopping companions; using them to synthesize physical and digital experiences. This year Target teamed up with Google to bring more fun to the Holiday shopping experience with omnichannel in mind! Bullseye’s Playground is a series of six mobile games for in-store shoppers to play to keep the fun and Holiday spirits high. In addition to the games, Target is donating up to $1 million to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for each game played.

eCommerce Breaking Records

A single-day e-commerce sales record

Source: Internet Retailer

Sales on Cyber Monday this year hit $2 billion reports comScore. This is the first time that this sales mark was hit in a single day, and this statistic excluded sales from tablets and smartphones. This number was an increase of 17% compared to the same day last year, this speaks to the growing popularity of the digital shopping day. During the 5 day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday consumers spent 24% more then last year. ComScore does not include mobile figures in their reports, just yet. A spokesperson from the company says comScore will be waiting for the Holiday season to advance more before adding in mobile shopping numbers. reports that sales increased 24% over the same period last year. I think it’s safe to say eCommerce sales, and Cyber Monday, will keep growing exponentially.

Hands-Free Boosts Accuracy

Wearing headsets in the warehouse helps expedite customers’ orders

Source: Internet Retailer

Construction materials company Artex Inc. implemented the use of headsets recently in it’s warehouses for employees to use, as opposed to handheld devices to receive order-picking instructions. Since making the switch Artex’s warehouse picking accuracy is nearly perfect, resulting in an accuracy gain of 12% over their previous paper-based system. This rise in accuracy results not only in more efficient operations, but greater customer satisfaction. Voxware’s voice management system allows warehouse worker’s to receive order picking instructions in a headset, and allows the ability to confirm that they’ve placed the product in a tote for shipping. It’s important for eCommerce retailers to take note of this for their shipping and fulfillment practices. Steps towards increasing efficiency should be taken to increase customer satisfaction, and retention follows this.

Demac Client Featured in Women’s Wear Daily

Seilenna Swimwear Launches E-Commerce

Seilenna was featured in Women’s Wear Daily this week, and we couldn’t be prouder of our client and the work we produced for them. We love the companies that we partner with and enjoy seeing their successes featured in industry publications. The unique design for Seilenna was done by creative agency RoandCo, with custom work and integration by the Demac Media dream team. Stay-tuned for an official site launch post to come on the blog.

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