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This Week in eCommerce:
December 16 – 20

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Big news this week in eCommerce! Canada Post is on track to deliver 27 million parcels for the holidays due to the incredible role that online shopping plays this holiday season. Big retailers like IKEA, Lowe’s and Zappos are improving customer service through digital channels and social media outlets, while online retailers take home some new insights and valuable lessons from pop-up shops. Check out the post below to get the scoop in our Weekly Wrap Up!

Improving Customer Service with Digital Channels

Article: The Technology That Makes People Love IKEA, Zappos, and Lowe’s
Source: Business Insider

It’s no secret that customer service is key to sustaining business and stimulating growth. Consider how three major retailers are leveraging the latest technologies as eCommerce continues to shape how consumers behave and interact with brands. Understanding consumer behaviour is essential for success. Ikea, Lowe’s and Zappos are internationally recognized for their outstanding customer service excelling in areas such as enhanced in –store experience and free effortless returns. The use of digital channels in customer service are leading to heightened consumer expectations and higher standards for retailers.

Flipkart Moves Into Payments with PayZippy

Article: Flipkart, ‘India’s Amazon’, Moves Into Payments With Launch of PayZippy Consumer Wallet
Source: The Next Web

eCommerce firm Flipkart unveiled a consumer version of PayZippy, a payment solution initially created for merchants. PayZippy is an online wallet in which users add payment details such as credit cards and other payment methods to simplify the payment and shipping process. Flipkart says that PayZippy reduces online buying time by 50%.

Lessons From Pop-Up Shops

Article: E-Tailing and Pop-up Shops – It’s About ALL Commerce
Source: DX3 Digest

Pop-up stores are becoming an increasingly popular trend in retail and among the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, retailers have a lot to learn about what consumers want.’s Pop-Up shop gave the company an opportunity to test out a new concept as well as some new insights and valuable lessons. Given the current shopping habits of Canadian consumers, says it is important to embrace all forms of commerce. Likewise Shopify’s Pop-up store Popify, observed consumer experience across all commerce. The future of retail is consumer choice likewise merchants need to offer that.

eBay Acquires StackMob

Article: eBay Acquires Mobile App Developer StackMob
Source: Internet Retailer

eBay Inc. has acquired mobile app developer StackMob in a deal that will have the potential to strengthen eBay and its subsidiary PayPal. Stack Mob could potentially help PayPal increase its presence in mobile commerce apps while enhancing its mobile payments offerings including in-store mobile payments.

Canada Post On Track to Deliver 27 Million Parcels for the Holidays

Article: eCommerce Boom Creates Parcel Delivery Records at Canada Post
Source: CNW

Canada Post is on track to deliver 27 million parcels this holiday season. “We’ve seen first hand the incredible role that online shopping is playing this holiday season,” says Doug Jones Sr. Vice-President Delivery and Customer Experience at Canada Post. Compared to this time last year, Canada Post reports a 20% increase in domestic parcel volume since the third week of November all thanks to eCommerce!

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