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Your Guide to Cyber Monday 2014

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Happy Wednesday! Today we’re bringing you a double-feature of cool and beautiful infographics, both with neat info on one of the biggest shopping days of the year – Cyber Monday! To get you geared-up, first we have Cyber Monday for Rookies, with tips on how you can get the best deals. Read on below to maximize your shopping efforts for the big day. Retailers should also take note of some strategies to employ based on customer’s shopping habits.

Predictions are showing that Cyber Monday is growing to become a huge day for online spending. Cyber Monday is almost here, is your website fast enough? Don’t leave money on the table by having a slow website. eCommerce competition is higher then ever, you need the right tools and speed to compete. You can boost your conversion by up to 10% by improving page load time by 1 second! eCommerce sales are going to hit a record high this Holiday Season, are you prepared?

Cyber Monday for Rookies

Cyber Monday For Rookies

Source: Snapparcel

Cyber Monday is Coming…do You Know how Fast Your Website Is?

cyber monday ecommerce infographic

Source GetElastic

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Some sites will let you save your Shopping Cart, do that prior to Cyber Monday. Tweet this

Wake up early, or stay up late to take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals. Tweet this

Sign-up for newsletters or email from your favourite companies before Cyber Monday to get in the loop. Tweet this

U.S Retail eCommerce is expected to grow 16.6 percent this holiday season. Tweet this

In an ideal world webpages should render in 3 seconds or less:Tweet this

Only 12 percent of the top 100 eCommerce sites deliver an optimal user experience. Tweet this

Wal-Mart found that for every second of load time improvement, they increased conversion by up to 12%. Tweet this.

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