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Customer Service: How it Affects eCommerce

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I recently setup an account with TD bank, and within 1 week, I got a call from a customer service rep welcoming me to the bank, and asking if I had any questions about my or any other service they provide. Same thing from Fido a few months back. Just a call to say “welcome” and “Thanks for doing business with us”. No up-sell attempt, no hidden agenda, just a simple “welcome”.

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This is a great example of Gary Veynerchuk’s “Thank you Economy”, an awesome book I read last year. It’s all about how important communication is between us, and our customers. There is so much content out there that when your customer can put a face, voice, or even name to a brand, they automatically feel a connection. People are so used to calling customer service lines and fighting with a machine.

The Holiday Rush: Are You Ready?

With the holiday season right around the corner, everyone I know is planning merchandising strategies, marketing strategies, etc. But I can tell you about a major Canadian retailer who had two resources spend 90% of their time last holiday season answering customer service calls and emails. These were simple order status and product related questions. We’re living in a time when people expect service, good service, and quickly.

Live Chat, is a great way to offer quality customer service right there on your site while the customer is shopping. What’s the first thing you see on the chat screen? “Hi my name is _________, how may I help you?”. Right there you’ve got a name. You’re talking to a person …. as far as you know. You’re also chatting in real time.

By no means is this all you need to ensure quality customer service, but it is something that can help assist your customers during the holiday rush and is one more way for them to get in touch with your business! So when planning for the holiday season, don’t forget to make sure you think about your customers, and how they’ll be talking about you come January.

I’ve shared some of my stories, tell me about yours! What great or not so great experiences have you had? What have you or your company done to improve customers service? What kinds of customer service support does your website have?

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