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Customer Highlight: Ren’s Pets Depot

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A regular participant in our bi-weekly eCommerce meet up group, Ren’s Pets Depot is active with our shop during and after business hours.  This month has been a rather exceptional time working with Ren’s Pets. Their marketing and eCommerce team has done some wonderful things with their Magento Enterprise website that have improved both traffic and revenue.

A professor of mine from Fanshawe used to always say, ‘in the world of business to business, it is not about the product, it’s about the relationship’. Ren’s Pets is a great example of a strong business partner with whom we have a great relationship.

Here are some key features Ren’s Pets has to offer on their online store:

Now offering Free Shipping

Ren’s Pets is not only a pet retailer, but also a supplier. They do a lot of business with groomers across the country. Their Free shipping offering helps to service their valued retail customers and groomers all over Canada.

User Experience

In one of our most recent blog posts, Matthew discusses 5 critical elements of eCommerce user experience. A number of points include examples from Ren’s Pets, such as the Shopping Cart page and Checkout Process. Demac Media and the marketing team at Ren’s Pets keep their focus on A/B testing and user experience to make life for the online shopper a breeze.

Product Selection

If you are looking to really spoil your pets, Ren’s Pets carries over 11,000 products from some of the top brands on the market. Ren’s Pets really focuses on the quality of the selection and products that they carry in order to meet the needs of their customers and pets. They want to make sure everything that is available in their physical store is also available for purchase in their web store. Our Data Donkey does a great job of ensuring that this is possible. The amount of products Ren’s Pets carries in their Magento store is readily supported by our Data Donkey.

Customer Service

Ren’s Pets is all about proficient customer service. The knowledgeable staff that can be found at each of their three retail locations is at the core of their customer service focus. Ren’s Pets goal online is to provide the same knowledgeable service you would receive at one of their stores by displaying great content and attractive offers. They also offer reliable order fulfillment, a secure checkout process, competitive prices and timely delivery.

Heading into the final few weeks of the busy holiday season, we look forward to another great month, and another great year working alongside Ren’s Pets Depot. Make sure to visit for all of your pet and groomer supplies.

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