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Startups love startups. Without each other, we’d be forced into building the same tools and applications that we all need. Periodically, I will be showcasing some of the tools we’ve selected to build our company. If anything, you can take it as an unbiased, and unsolicited endorsement of another startup … I simply want to help others that may be looking for a specific tool for their project.

Coming from the pre-dot-com bust days days as a graveyard NOC engineer at FloNetwork, we relied heavily on hand-rolled monitoring applications to pull system metrics (traffic, load, utilization, capacity etc). Fast forward to today, and there are myriad of 3rd party SaSS products that can plug right into your pipeline and spit out valuable / fancy charts that we all love. My favorite is Scout. I’m not sure how I came across these guys, but I’m sure glad I did. We were in desperate need of visibility into the internals of our servers and applications and what they were doing, in addition to having triggers and notifications set on certain thresholds, page monitoring, email and sms alerts etc.

Disk Space Usage - 6 months
CTO View - Disk Space Usage - 6 months

The install was simple – a single daemon running on the box, a few plugins (Apache monitoring, mySql, IO, Redis etc) and we were up and running with some beautiful charts and graphs. A great feature Scout is the ability to build custom dashboards from any server, on any metric for any user. My role as an overseer of the stack is more high level, so monitoring growth over time for capacity planning, vs our system admins who are more interested in real-time metrics makes it easy to slice data the way you want it.

CPU Usage - 5 hours
System Admin View - CPU Usage - 5 hours

If you’re running bare metal because you value IO and dedicated resources, and need to monitor your farm…check these guys out.

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