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Using CRM with Email Marketing

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CRM platforms are extremely powerful and can help take your email marketing campaigns from good to great. Here at Demac, we’ve been working with our clients on the benefits of a CRM platform with email marketing. The amount of data available to you with a CRM platform is endless.

One of the first tasks that our clients like to check off when launching their CRM are email marketing campaigns. Taking a look at purchase behaviour and segment that data to create relevant and personalized offers is a fantastic start. However, can you email everyone in your CRM? It’s come up a few times in conversation, so let’s set the record straight.

Let me get this out of the way first, I am not a lawyer so before you move forward with your campaigns, I’d suggest reviewing them with your legal team first to ensure you’ve got your t’s crossed and i’s dotted. It’s been nearly a year since CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation – check out our post on CASL compliance for all you need to know) came into affect and I think everyone has been on high alert, not wanting to be the first ones to get fined (smart move). CASL has lumped email subscribers into two groups – implied and expressed consent.

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Implied Consent

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This group of subscribers has an existing relationship with you. They’ve either made a purchase with you or enquired about a purchase. Or you’re a registered charity or political party and the recipient has provided you with a gift, donation or done volunteer work with you.

Implied consent is where I think companies have been playing it safe over the last year. Technically, you can email these people, up to two years after the relationship begins (i.e. up to two years after a purchase has been made).

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Expressed Consent

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This group has provided valid consent (either written or oral).

Expressed consent is standard; you know the drill You worked tirelessly to get expressed consent from all of your subscribers last year. These people have given you permission to email them and you can do so until they revoke that permission (via an unsubscribe).

So how does this all come back to CRM and email marketing?

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You can dig through your data, set up categories based on purchase behaviour. You’re able to include the implied consent group in the campaigns you set up with this information. Just ensure you’re not including purchasers beyond two years from the campaign send date. We have seen fantastic results across the board with our clients, open and click rates have increased three times with these targeted sends.

Just remember, you are able to email people who have made a purchase with you over the last two years, I strongly recommend keeping these people separate from your subscribers database and only sending them relevant and targeted offers. Generic, batch and blast email sends can annoy these people and leave them with a bad impression of your brand. Happy (targeted) sending!

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