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Improve Conversion Rates by Changing Your Shipping Options

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Shipping has a huge impact on your conversion rates, whether you like to admit it or not! It’s called the world-wide-web for a reason. Your eCommerce store is accessible by a global audience, so why aren’t you tailoring your shipping options for that customer base? Providing different shipping options for your site visitors is one way that you can increase your conversion rates. Shipping options will encourage your customers to purchase more, which leads to a higher average order value and will increase the lifetime value of your customers. Shipping is the one way you can directly interact with customers, so leverage that relationship. Check out the below infographic for more insight on: conversion rates, financial opportunities in shipping, global eCommerce, delivery and zip codes, in-store pickups, free shipping, and free returns.

Want to Improve Conversion Rates? Change your Shipping Options

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