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One of the most important things to evaluate and always keep top of mind when your designing an eCommerce site, is to make sure you have conversion design synergy with your content. Before jumping straight to your Analytics, there are a few tricks we can do to give us a sense if your users are seeing and selecting the content you want. We want to make sure we have perfect synergy with the pre-click and the post-click on your online store.


Introducing the famous SQUINT TEST


The Squint Test method is what I use every time I want to evaluate and predict where the user’s eyes will go. By squinting your eyes until they are barely open, your vision will fade all the details out and even become flat and more dull. We can then evaluate with no context which elements really pop or recede into the background. If you’re finding your main call-to-action is getting lost, or there is too much other competition, then revise your design to help focus and drive conversion.


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How divided is your user’s attention?

Now that we have determined that our priority messaging has been seen by our user, now we can evaluate if it’s a clear path for them to follow through with our call-to-action. The goal is to make it very clear and easy what we want our user to click on (please note, just like comic-sans, it’s not ok to use “click here” on a button). If we have too many links or call-to-actions in view it will really confuse the user with too many choices, especially if we are driving for conversion. Let’s use Umbra as a prime example. As we can see on the landing page when the user is focused on our main content, there is only one link grabbing the user’s attention. By limiting the options we are making it easy for the user to click our call-to-action.


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Consistency is key

Now that our banner has the user’s attention and they have followed our call-to-action, we now want to evaluate if our messaging and design elements have synergy with our banner. You always want to evaluate your pre-click and your post-click content. Having both messaging and design synergy we let the user know they are in the correct place. It’s all about setting expectations. Below we can see how this works with Umbra, and Bluenotes.



By keeping conversion design synergy top of mind, we can help our users see and select the content we want, and making it overall easier for the user to complete their purchase journey. By making sure that we do our best to make sure our priority messages are being seen, we can then make it easy for the user to follow through with our call-to-actions. Then following this with messaging and design synergy on the next page, we can ensure the customer finds exactly what they want rather then dropping off.

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