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The Top eCommerce Conferences to Attend

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One of the biggest things we practice and preach at Demac Media is the continual thirst for, and consumption of, knowledge. Learning is part of what we do and the work we implement. We hire employees who are already the best-of-the-best in their functional areas, but learning should never end. From Developers to Analysts to Chief Executive Officer, everyday is a learning experience – especially within an every-changing tech industry and particularly within the realm of eCommerce. Internally we offer support to our developers by facilitating time-blocks within their schedules for them to explore, learn, and grow without having to worry about client work, which is always our main concern but a big distraction from what we need to continually be working on; ourselves. Without self-improvement we aren’t going to be prepare for what’s coming at us in the future. Complacency gets you nowhere.

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Aside from what we work on internally to keep the Demac Media family fully optimized (much like the eCommerce sites we build), we are deeply committed to the community we operate in. The resources on this blog is case in point. Whether you’re a eCommerce business owner, a developer, or digital enthusiast we believe sharing is caring and even host a local monthly meet-up in Toronto for all those interested in, and involved with, eCommerce. Our speakers are for the most part guests from other companies who can share their insight and expertise with attendees.

Conferences are one thing that’s typically sold to the general public as a learning opportunity, but are they worth it for eCommerce professionals? You’re in luck! From events that focus on conversion and retention, to more general eCommerce and Omni-Channel strategy; here’s our rundown of some of the eCommerce conferences we’d recommend you attend.

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National Retail Federation: Retail’s Big Show

For: Retail Professionals

Known as the NRF’s flagship industry event, Retail’s BIG Show is a 4-day expo and conference held annually in New York City. Most people in the industry regard it as the biggest event of the year because it draws tens of thousands of retail professionals, thought leaders and vendors from several industries.

eTail West

For: Digital and Omnichannel Retail Professionals

What started off as 100 people in a room discussing where this sector is headed, has lead to 2,000 senior-level eCommerce executives being inspired whilst learning and developing their company as well as their careers.

ROI Revolution: Traffic and Conversion Summit

For: Digital and Omnichannel Retail Professionals

The 2nd Annual Retail Traffic & Conversion Summit is designed to provide eCommerce retailers with two days of jam-packed information about the critical elements of their business – 1) driving traffic and 2) creating conversions. Since this is a ticketed event where attendees are paying to learn key systems to improve their online performance, you will have the unique opportunity to share your product or service with decision makers eager to take advantage of your solutions.

Independent Retailer Conference

For: Independent Retail Professionals

The IRC is the only conference that exclusively supports independent retailers. Open to any type of independent retailer, the event covers various issues surrounding store operations, marketing, management, merchandising and more.

Fashion Digital

For: Fashion Retail Professionals

The intersection of Commerce and Couture. Over 800 e-commerce leaders – from the largest brands to innovative start-ups – participated in the FASHION DIGITAL NEW YORK event on October 20-21, 2014.

DX3 Canada

For: Digital Marketing and Digital / Omnichannel Retail Professionals

DX3 is Canada’s largest conference for those in digital marketing, advertising and retail. This two-day conference, offers a broad range of learning experiences that appeals to its mix of attendees across functional areas. Expect to see agencies (Demac Media included!), brands, publishers, and retails join together to learn how to achieve goals and incorporate technology, efficiently and effectively. This year’s Dx3 will focus on the customer journey!

Magento Imagine 2015

For: Digital / Omnichannel Retail Professionals and Developers

We may think we’re biased in listing Magento Imagine as one of the eCommerce Conferences to attend, but trust us this is a quality conference! Not many other platforms host a conference of this size and quality, where you’ll find a wide-range of industry professionals from developers to partners (like Demac!). We know retailers would benefit from Magento’s 3 days of keynotes, sessions, and networking with the top online sites.

Conversion Conference

For: Digital Marketers / Search Engine Marketers / Designers / Analysts

For those looking to master the art of data and driving revenue, the Conversion Conference is for you. This is another conference our “data nerds” have been buzzing about around the office. Conversion optimization is an important eCommerce priority, and anyone with a role tied to results – PPC, content, social media, mobile, email, etc. – will benefit from the Conversion Convention.

eTail Canada

For: Digital and Omni-Channel Retail Professionals

eTail Canada is the market leading Omni-Channel and online retail conference focused specifically on the needs of retailers and brands operating in Canada.


For: Digital and Omni-Channel Retail Professionals / Digital Marketers

There is no secret that can not be shared when it comes to a passion that unites nearly 750 people in one day. eComMTL meets a need to monitor technological change, yes, but especially the evolution of consumer behaviour on its way to interact with your brand and its expectations of your business now with gear on the transactional world via the Web.

B2B Online

For: Manufacturers and Distributors

B2B Online is a three-day industry conference for eCommerce, digital and marketing executives in the distribution and manufacturing industries. To call it simply B2B eCommerce would be misleading, as it is really about how manufacturers and distributors can integrate digital technologies (web, mobile, SEO, etc.) into the traditional sales and marketing model.

Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition

For: Digital and Omnichannel Retail Professionals

Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition has been the largest eCommerce event in the world since starting in 2008, with the project attendance for 2015 estimated to be 10,000. The IRCE appeals to industry professionals across industries and functional areas, from companies of all sizes. Providing a more general view of eCommerce, we would suggest that attending the IRCE would be valuable for professionals with a vested interest in growing their online revenue. Although the IRCE has many different sessions for various segment areas, those who work within a specific field (ie. analytics) may find a conference targeted to the work they do of more interest and value. About 20% of IRCE attendees are web-only merchants with 40% of attendee generating revenue under $1 million.


For: Retail Professionals

STORE is Retail Council of Canada’s two-day conference held annually in Toronto. With an agenda and networking opportunities targeted to the unique needs of the dynamic retail industry in Canada. With a one-stop shop for the industry’s most innovative technologies.


For: Digital Marketers and Digital Retail Professionals

This annual conference hosted by marketing software company Moz, is specifically geared towards Inbound and Analytics. If you’re involved at any level within an eCommerce business with content marketing or SEO, then Mozcon is the conference for you. The three-day event provides professionals with actionable sessions covering SEO, social media, community building, content/brand development, and conversion revenue optimization (CRO), and emphasizes a casual network of like-minded community members. This is the conference our Demac “Data Nerds” want to be at.

eTail EAST

For: Digital and Omnichannel Retailers

Started in the late 90s to support retail’s rapid growth, eTail is now a worldwide executive level eCommerce and Omni retail conference. eTail East promises to be one of their biggest events yet, acting as a one-stop shop for eCommerce and omnichannel. eTail covers a broad-range of eCommerce topics, including: the future of retail, digital engagement strategies, the customer journey, online marketing, analytics, mobile, usability, and more! If you’re an eCommerce business owner we think eTail is a conference with great content and valuable connections to be made.


For: Marketing and Sale Professionals

INBOUND is an annual conference hosted by marketing automation software Hubspot. Although not eCommerce specific, Inbound is a great conference for marketing/sale professionals, and business leaders looking to gain a better understanding of the power of Inbound/Content marketing. This year’s conference will feature a keynote from renowned marketing expert Seth Godin. Content is key to driving traffic to your eCommerce store, and as a necessary strategy for the success of your business, we recommend you look into attending to gear-up your inbound marketing efforts. Summit

For: Digital and Omnichannel Retail Professionals

More than 5,400 professionals gather in Philadelphia for the Digital Summit, a 2-1/2 day event specifically for digital and multichannel retailers. Discover new ideas, get actionable takeaways and build strong relationships with the brightest and most innovative players in the digital retail world.


For: Marketing and Sale Professionals

InboundCon is a one-day event hosted by Powered by Search focused Inbound marketing, conversion optimization and lead generation. If you’re a sales or marketing professional looking to increase the success of your website, InboundCon is the place for you to be. You can expect to see keynotes, panels, and worksheets concentrating on search, social advertising, content marketing, growth hacking, landing pages, sales, email marketing, conversion optimization, ppc advertising and digital marketing. If you have an eCommerce site, you’ll walk away with actionable advice which you can immediately implement into your digital marketing efforts.

Which Conference will you be attending?

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