How to Successfully Grow Your Entire Online Funnel! – Shopify Plus Webinar Series Read now

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Did you know that the average Shopify Plus merchant is growing at at 126% YoY? That’s an incredible 9x the industry-at-large! Do you want the same strategies that these Shopify Plus merchants use to drive growth? Register today for an exclusive Two-Part Webinar Series on How to Successfully Grow Your Entire Online Funnel. Late last […]

Beyond Black Friday: 2017 Holiday Shopping In Review – Infographic Read now

Beyond Black Friday Workarea

For online retailers, Holiday 2017 proved to be another strong season for revenue, conversion, and average order values, with these metrics outpacing traffic growth. Demac partner Workarea have engaged their Commerce Intelligence Unit and gathered, sliced and diced data from November 1 through December 25, highlighting the top insights from the 2017 season. Merchants’ efforts […]

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Black Friday Cyber Monday 2017: Recapping our Retailers’ Growth + Key Takeaways! Read now


In January we have what is known the most depressing day of the year – Blue Monday. While the science behind “Blue Monday” is questionable, there’s no denying that for most retailers and merchants January is a quieter month. In the comedown from the insane holiday season you might relish in the reprieve that a […]

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