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Conversion Optimization, eCommerce Benchmark Reports

How to use site search to double your conversion rate!

If visitors to your eCommerce site can’t find what they’re looking for, how can you expect them to convert? Today’s shoppers are savvy internet users who expect a search box everywhere they go (thanks Google!). Site search is often overlooked by retailers, but an important part of an online store!…

Build A Business, eCommerce Benchmark Reports, Email Marketing

Discover the 5% of emails that deliver a third of email revenue! | eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q3 2016

When it comes to acquiring and retaining customers online, email marketing is the easily accessible tool you can leverage now to create wins over the busy holiday season. The research in our Q3 2016 eCommerce Benchmark Report shows that behind Organic Search, email marketing is a retailer’s biggest acquisition channel.…

Build A Business, eCommerce Benchmark Reports

Apple users drive 97% of Mobile Revenue! – eCommerce Benchmark Report Q2 2016

Commerce is going mobile! Consumers are regularly accessing online stores through a variety of devices and systems, but which of these users are the most valuable to your business? The research in our Q2 2016 eCommerce Benchmark Report shows just how much Apple is leading mobile revenue and traffic generation…

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