An In Depth Case Study in Scaling a 7 to 8 Figure eCommerce Business Read now

Pela Case 1

Hi! I’m Matt, the co-founder of Pela Case, a business on a mission to reduce plastic on the planet. We started out making iPhone cases since this is a large market with a ton of plastic waste due to the regular upgrade cycle of smartphones. I’m also the co-founder of Demac Media, an eCommerce agency […]

Insight About The World of eCommerce From Our CEO, Matt Bertulli Read now

Matt Bertulli Podcast, anything, anywhere, ecommerce podcasts

Matt Bertulli is at it again, making the most insightful podcasts to educate and inspire anyone with a passion for eCommerce! Matt spoke with Kelsey Ramsden of The Futureproofing Podcast about both creating flow and being cutting edge, and how he likes ‘staying as wide as he can and applying super narrow’. As a true […]

2 minutes

Your Retail Master and CEO of Demac Media, Matt Bertulli Read now

Matt Bertulli Online Retail

Our CEO Matt Bertulli did a podcast with Your Personal CFO all about his love of eCommerce! He talks how he grew up in a retail family, and how although he wanted to originally venture off and do his own thing, he naturally gravitated back towards commerce, calling it his ‘happy place’. Matt also shares […]

1 minute

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