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Cart Abandonment – Why Do Shoppers Leave Without Paying?

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Online shopping is easy as pie, and eCommerce sites are making it that much easier for their customers to check out with their items. However, one of the biggest issues that eCommerce retailers face is the infamous shopping cart abandonment. You’ve probably been guilty of this before, I know I have. You spend time on a merchant’s online store, adding items to your virtual cart or “shopping bag” only to never follow-through with the purchase, leaving those items in the dust without purchasing. Usually there’s a few different reasons why shoppers will abandon their purchases, from unexpected costs to complicated site navigation. Shopping cart abandonment accounts for $18 billion in lost revenue each year alone! Learn why shoppers are abandoning their carts on your online store so you can optimize your check out process, and drive revenue.

shopping cart abandonment

Source: SurePayRoll

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68 per cent is the average documented cart abandonment rate. Tweet this.

The number one reasons shoppers abandon their carts? Unexpected costs! Tweet this.

14 per cent of shopping cart abandonment occurs when there’s no guest check out option. Tweet this.

24 per cent of shopping cart abandonment occurs when customers want to save items for later but can’t. Tweet this

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