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Canadian Magento Enterprise Partner Announcement

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This is a pretty big milestone for our boutique eCommerce shop. We’ve been growing quite rapidly in the last two years and a lot of this growth is attributed to us being lucky enough to have amazing customers who continue to refer us.

We’re a little slow on the up-take with this announcement (this happened a few weeks ago), but none the less we wanted something “official” posted on our blog announcing that we are now a Magento Enterprise Partner.

Becoming the first Canadian Magento Enterprise Partner is something we wanted to dedicate the time and resources to doing in an effort to better service (and give comfort to) some of our larger customers.

As always, working with team Magento while they storm the eCommerce market is nothing short of a pleasure, so a HUGE thank you has to be extended to all the good folks there for helping us in our eCommerce travels!

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