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Infographic: Canadian eCommerce Trends – 2014 and Beyond

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Ecommerce Infographics

Canada Post manages Canada’s largest delivery network with over 6,200 pickup and drop-off locations. Did you know they are the only shipper to deliver to every Canadian address? Many Canadian eCommerce purchases are shipped through Canada Post, which gives them access to incredible information about industry growth and trends. Canadian eCommerce is set to double between 2014 and 2019, with a projected $40 billion to be sent online by Canadian shoppers in 2019. eCommerce is growing across different industries too, including: housewares/home furnishings, fashion, and consumer electronics with the average spend increasing 54% in this time. Here’s an infographic highlighting some of those eCommerce trends and an accompanying eBook for download from the folks at Tenzing!


Source: Tenzing

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The average Canadian expenditure online was $1210 in 2014. Tweet this.

The projected Canadian expenditure online is $1860 by 2019. Tweet this.

By 2014 76% of Canadians had shopped online, 1.5M for the first time that year. Tweet this.

Canadian eCommerce sales are expected to double between 2014 and 2019. Tweet this.

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