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September 2011 – Canadian eCommerce Monthly Trends Report

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eCommerce Benchmark Reports

This is the first post in our Canadian Ecommerce Statistics Series. Each month the team here at Demac will be compiling data from our Canadian customers and partners and provide this data in aggregate/summary form for the world to review.  At the end of each quarter we will create a more detailed report showing quarterly numbers.

Those of us in eCommerce in Canada know that it’s very difficult to find great good data on the state of eCommerce in our country.  This is our attempt to help get real world data into the hands of entrepreneurs and hopefully enable them to make better business decisions.

Our hopes are that more Canadian merchants will want to participate in this initiative and submit their numbers for inclusion in this series.

The data presented below is from September 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011.  This data is compiled using 5-10 Canadian-Only online retail businesses eCommerce platform and Google Analytics data.  We’re giving a range as we want to keep the sites being used to aggregate this data somewhat confidential.

General Numbers

Monthly Sales Growth Over Same Period Last Year: 150.68%

Average Conversion Rate: 0.93%

Converstion Rate Lowest & Highest Range (so you know where above average comes from): .25% – 2.07%

Average Order Value: $171.84

Average Time On Site: 4:19

New vs. Returning Visitors: New: 59.1% v.s Old: 40.9%

Traffic Sources

% of Traffic – Search (Organic): 57.43%

% of Traffic – Search (PPC): 5.99%

% of Traffic – Direct: 16.46%

% of Traffic – Facebook: 2.14%

% of Traffic – Twitter: 0.15%

% of Traffic – Wishabi / Canada Post: 0.1%

Sales Data

% of Sales – Search (Organic): 52.69%

% of Sales – Search (PPC): 5.84%

% of Sales – Direct: 15.76%

% of Sales – Facebook: 3.49%

% of Sales – Twitter: 0.025%

% of Sales – Wishabi / Canada Post: 0.06%

To get more statistics, download our Benchmark Report for Q1 2012.  Click the button below!

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