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Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q1 2014

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eCommerce Benchmark Reports

After a stellar performance during Q1 2014, we are excited to share with you our most recent update for Magento and Shopify merchant data, to help give a snap shot on how the Canadian eCommerce industry is doing, this time for Q1 2014!

As of Q3 2013, our Quarterly Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report series reports will now be split into two sections and feature both Magento and Shopify data. We love to provide insight on our growing industry, and to be able to show different parts of the eCommerce spectrum. Shopify is a fantastic eCommerce platform not only for small merchants but also for growing brands with lots of traffic, high sales volume, and the need for integration. Whereas Magento is a robust open source eCommerce platform more suitable for merchants with larger product catalogues and complex businesses processes who often need integration.

Canadian eCommerce BENCHMARK REPORT FOR Q1:

DM-Report-Q1-Book-small By providing data from both both small and larger sized merchants, we’re able to give a more overall snapshot of the Canadian eCommerce industry. So, what can you expect to find in our Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report for Q1?

  • Message from the VP, Strategy of Demac Media
  • A Magento Merchants perspective of Q1 – Ardene
  • Message from the CPO of Shopify
  • A Shopify Merchants perspective of Q1 – Moose Knuckles
  • Average and Weekly Conversion Rates
  • Average Order Values
  • Traffic Sources
  • PPC Statistics
  • Mobile Statistics

… and more!


Our Quarterly Benchmark Reports are absolutely free to download. Hit the download button below or click here, to get yours today!

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