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Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report – Q1 2013

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eCommerce Benchmark Reports

We’re extremely passionate about growing eCommerce in Canada. However, we’ve noticed that Canadian focused eCommerce statistics are not shared as often as they should be. This is why every quarter we put together a report to help shine some light on what’s happening in the Canadian eCommerce landscape today.

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If you’re looking to get real insight from statistics pulled from 5-10 Canadian retailers, look no further! Get your free copy of the Q1 Benchmark Report now!

We want to help merchants and eCommerce professionals understand where current trends are heading and help them make decisions on where to allocate their online resources.

In this report, you’ll find:

– Message from the CEO of Demac Media
– Conversion Rates
– Average Order Values
– Traffic Sources
– PPC Statistics
– Mobile Statistics

…. and more! What are you waiting for? Get your copy now.

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