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Canadian eCommerce a Growth Market

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I talk about this almost daily with prospects and clients.  The Canadian eCommerce market is 5-6 years behind the USA in terms of business use/adoption.  The large majority of wholesale distributors and retailers in this country are still not online and only now just starting to think about their online selling strategy. We see this every day.  The competition in Canada is ridiculously low compared to our neighbors to the south.

Further proof of how much opportunity lies in our own back yard can be seen by GAP’s latest eCommerce expansion efforts.

“Now, faced with growing economic uncertainty and skittish consumers, Gap is betting heavily on e-commerce beyond its U.S. home base. Tuesday, it officially launched its Canadian e-tailing sites for its three main chains. Earlier this month it rolled out its sites in the U.K. and will do so in China later this year. By the end of 2010, it
will offer shipping to 65 countries.

The eCommerce Platform mid-market is littered with shopping cart options for businesses looking to either setup or expand their online selling operations.  The options range from $25/month (see and Bigcommerce) to Magento Enterprise (roughly $13,000/year).  It’s been my experience that many first-time eCommerce sites are getting to sustainable sales levels with moderate effort and resources in Canada.

In other words, what the heck is your problem!?

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