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What is the True State of Canadian eCommerce?

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Last year for Canada Day we posted an infographic on Canadian eCommerce in 2014. That infographic showed us that the industry is growing. It was estimated that in 2014 Canadians were to spend $25 billion online! So what’s the current state of eCommerce in Canada? According to research, it looks like we have a lot more room to grow. Many Canadian retailers are not selling online, and Canadians are purchasing from multinational retailers (i.e. Wal-Mart). Canada’s innovation index peaking in 2010, but has been on the decline since! In 2015 it’s estimated that we’ll spend $40 billion online, but 46% of businesses don’t even have a web presence, let-alone an online store. This mean there’s a great opportunity for Canadian Merchants online! Check out this infographic to learn more about the current state of eCommerce in Canada:

The State of Canadian eCommerce

Source: Virtual Logistics

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Canada’s innovation index peaked in 2010, and dropped to recession levels in 2013. Tweet this.

56% of Canadians are smartphone users while, 19% of websites are mobile-optimized. Tweet this.

69% of purchases made by Canadians were bought from outside retailers. Tweet this.

Canadians are expect to spend $40 billion online in 2015. Tweet this.

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