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How to Increase Online Revenue by Fixing What’s Behind the Scenes

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Boathouse Case Study

What does it take to run an omnichannel clothing company in the 2nd largest country in the world? A massive system of technologies to tie together all the intricacies needed to meet the expectations of online and offline shoppers… just ask Canadian clothing retailer Boathouse.

Since 2011 we’ve partnered with Boathouse to bring their tens of thousands of SKUs online for consumers coast-to-coast – that’s 9,306 km (5,780 miles)!

We helped them make some key technology improvements that helped skyrocket revenue up 200% year-over-year for the retailer.

Here’s how we did it…

Making it better. Doing it faster. Makes them stronger.

Maintaining and growing a business with a number of interconnected technologies is no small feat. Once Boathouse’s online growth began to boom, it was clear to both teams that we needed upgrade the site infrastructure to future-proof their business.

One of the biggest initiatives the Demac team took on was tackling the aging, enormous platform infrastructure. We quickly identified areas of the platform that would benefit from upgrades, and would continue to power the Boathouse stores for years to come.

Flipping the Switch from Maintenance Mode

boathouse platform infrastructure

Boathouse and our team quickly roadmapped a plan to flip the switch from maintenance mode to sustained growth.

In doing so, Demac’s development was able to then restructure Boathouse’s platform infrastructure with a focus on improving user experience.

The Demac team restructured the platform architecture to focus on an optimized user experience that made it easier for customers to shop online, and increased eCommerce conversion rate 134% year-over-year.

Optimized Automation

After improving the workflow of the backend and customer facing side of the Boathouse site, the Demac team dove deep on customizing a number of processes and integrations.

By focusing on properly automating Boathouse’s integrations for Price and Inventory with their platform, we were able to save the eCommerce team a significant amount of time. Time that was once dedicated to monthly manual support work. This increased the website’s efficiency, and made it easier to get product in front of their loyal customer base.

Discovering Hidden Revenue!

platform infrastructure
Adding new key functionalities, and resolving existing site issues, improved performance on both the technological, and customer experience ends of the business. Not only was it easier for shoppers to buy from their site, our team helped Boathouse tap into a previously undiscovered streams of revenue.

This new revenue and improved UX contributed to their explosive online growth – a 200% increase year over year – and enhanced brand experience for their customers!

Read more: Check out our full case study featuring the Success of Boathouse by clicking here.

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